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A question about ordering flowers (details inside)

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9770points) February 13th, 2013

I would like to have flowers delivered to my partner in the U.S. I live in Canada. I am opting to go with a flower shop just down the road from her office. Now, when ordering, I don’t want your traditional roses. I want something unique and beautiful (she loves glads. Not sure if they’re hard to get), and, since I won’t be able to see what they have, what should I say?

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Are you using Interflora to order them online? That way, you can pick out what you want. In any case, I would suggest something cheery like gerbera daisies or sunflowers if you can get them. Daffodils would also be lovely.

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If you have been in that shop and know you like their work, just call them up, tell them you know she like gladiolas, what do they suggest as an arrangement. Have an idea how much you want to spend so you can guide them on price point. You can ask how large the arrangement will be, so you know the impact the presentation will have. For research before you call you can google some websites as reference. Hopefully they will want to have continued local business from you and give you a fair deal and beautiful arrangement.

Edit: with gladiolas you pretty much know it will be tall, so I guess you could ask about how many will be innthe arrangement if you are getting 100% glads, and also you might have choices of color for the flower.

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Done. Thank-you!

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Did you order glads? I have never liked them because they bloom, blossom by blossom, vertically up the stalk. So there are too many buds.

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Now, mod, please delete this question, as I don’t want her snooping over here. :)


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@gailcalled I went with a whole whack of colourful gerbers.

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So very much better. I love gerbera daisies, plus they last a very long time if you change the water daily and cut a bit of the bottom of the stems at the same time.

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I love gerbera daisies. I had them at my wedding.

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