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Recommendations for romantic short stories?

Asked by renee (148points) February 13th, 2013

BF and I are apart for Valentine’s Day and I thought it would be fun to read a story aloud to him for our “date.” Not interested in erotica or sci-fi. I like anything with a good writing style and storyline, including classics. One of our favorite movies is Somewhere in Time. I really liked Romance in the Roaring Forties and Other Stories by Damon Runyon, so I am looking for something similar but more romantic in the Valentine’s Day sense…

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The Gift of the Magi, Saki (H.H. Munro)

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I was also going to name “The Gift of the Magi.” It is the classic short love story but it is by O. Henry, not Saki.

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A Rose For Emily

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^^^ That’s romantic?

Short stories by Edna O’Brien and Alice Munro

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I was going to Suggest A Rose for Miss Emily too but it is a bit bizarre. . . and yet.. what greater love?

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@gailcalled takes all kinds.~

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I haven’t read it but this collection of stories sounds very good. Love in Theory. Read the reviews listed below the description.

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@janbb, I stand corrected, what a heinous mistake, my 7th grade English teacher Mr Andrews must be rolling in his presumptive grave. Thanks. O. Henry it is.

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