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Does anyone have an opinion on the new tv show "The Taste" with Anthony Bourdain?

Asked by KNOWITALL (15285points) February 13th, 2013

So far I’m loving the format and the fact that it’s all about ‘the taste’ of the spoons of food, rather than a popularity contest, or like Hell’s Kitchen, negative drama.

Any thoughts on why you like it or don’t like it so far?

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I was rather surprised to hear that the author of Kitchen Confidential and the guy from A Cook’s Tour and No Reservations was involved in what sounds like a pop “reality” show like this. But I have not seen it. Is it any good? I have enjoyed his other programs, and this just doesn’t seem to fit into his scene.

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@tom_g It’s pretty good so far, if you’re a foodie.

Anthony is very interesting to me, I love his air of superiority and world-weariness. On him it’s endearing and he is definately his regular narcissistic self. He knows his food and flavors, so yeah, you should definately give it a try. He’s got three other very talented judges on the panel, too.

Last night it was pairing food with one of four wines, plus you get to see home chefs, not just professionals.

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I haven’t seen it yet. I enjoy Master Chef. Is it similar at all? I do like Anthony Bourdain, so I may give the show a try.

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I haven’t watched Master Chef, a lot of those shows drive me crazy.

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Master Chef does sound much like The Taste. Home chefs and amateurs competing in challenges, with three judges judging their dishes. Gordon Ramsay is tame on this show. It’s nothing like Hell’s Kitchen. When I saw a preview for The Taste I thought they were copying Master Chef. :)

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Ehh I normally stay far away from these types of shows, and I’m pretty surprised Anthony Bourdain would do such a show because he hasn’t exactly been guarded in his feelings towards these types of shows. I loved No Reservations but like I said this doesn’t sound like my cup of tea. I may watch it sometime if I catch it on tv but I’m not going to go outta my way to see it.

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I haven’t watched the show, for no particular reason but that it hasn’t grabbed my interest more than something else.

However, I have been severely off put by his inane comment at the end of some recent ads for the show.
He says that despite having gone to all these exotic countries, he hasn’t once been probed, and that he’s a little ‘hurt’ by that. I dare say that if he had been probed he be a lot more hurt, and wouldn’t think the idea is amusing.

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