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What is the weirdest thing that you ever saw or heard?

Asked by Pandora (27195points) February 13th, 2013

I was just stacking away my crystal dishes when they rubbed against each other and the vibrating sound it made was like the sound you hear whales make. It sounded like a long painful whale cry. It was really loud and irritated my ears. Odder still was that it got louder as I tried to press them together to stop the vibration.

I never would’ve believed it, if I didn’t hear it for myself.
So it has me wondering what else out there is really odd.

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Biting into wintergreen-flavored Lifesavers candy makes them flash bluish-white light (triboluminescence).

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I suppose the strangest thing I saw was ball lightning landing out in the woods while I was on an evening stroll. I’ve never seen a ball of lightning before..

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@gasman It doesn’t seem like its that safe to eat…..
@Argonon Wish I saw that. But from afar. I did hear lightning hit pretty close to my home and it sounded like an explosion. If it wasn’t that I saw the flash, I would’ve thought a gas pipe blew.

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@gasman WINT-O-GREEN! I made so much money in middle school betting people who weren’t smart enough to believe me. Mua ha ha.

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An entire kitchen filled with rats in cages, six dogs in the house, and two in the fenced back yard (there were dead puppies that had been buried and dug up laying there.) It freaked me completely out.

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I’ve had a conch shell at the base of a tree in my front yard for the past three or four years. It was given to me by a now deceased friend. One day late last year I noticed another one sitting right next to it—a bit smaller, but almost exactly the same size, shape and color. The most reasonable explanation is that a neighbor or other passerby put it there, but no one has ever claimed the the deed.

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@KNOWITALL I saw worse on hoarders. People had rabbits that ate through walls and had many babies and another where the lady had so many animals she had to move out of her house and into a run down trailer that she still collected more animals. I’ve seen cleaner barns.

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The State of the Union address last night

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Weirdest thing I ever saw was a downed motorcyclist on the side of the road with a blanket pulled up to his chin, talking, with a huge pile of intestines and a stomach or liver or some other organ lying on the yellow line of the road. Turns out he had hit a deer and disemboweled it, which I did not see until the return trip by the accident scene. I was dumbfounded at how someone could be alert and talking with their entrails splattered in the road. lol
It was just bizarre!

The weirdest thing I ever heard was my neighbors Llama coughing and I thought it was him.
The first week in my house here about 6.5 years ago, standing on my deck and hearing this god awful coughing and hacking that sounded inhuman. lol
I thought to myself ” man, that guy sounds REALLY sick!”
Turns out it was “Hercules” the Llama coughing from inhaling his hay too fast.

We still laugh about it to this day. haha
I also often hear Mountain Lions chuffing and moaning in the night, very eerie.

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I once saw an elephant on the street in Mumbai/Bombay… which was about as weird as seeing one in any global metropolis… I swear I wasn’t that drunk…

@josie, what did you think was so weird about it? The speech itself, or rather people’s reactions to it? Did Obama say things you weren’t expecting? I missed it myself.

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@bookish1 I think he’s talking about all those wonderful things Obama wants to do to help the middle class…..and its not going to cost a thing.

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Weird thing here. The ammo guys were dropping off some 8 inch howitzer projectiles behind the gun. Literally just pushing them off the back of the truck. At 200 lbs each there’s no way anyone is going to man handle them. The sound they made when the second one, then others made when they hit… against themselves. A really sharp “clack”. Then the visual that topped it off. All the brothahs bolting away from the emplacement. I wonder if they ever tried that stunt when you turn off the light switch and be in the bed before the room gets dark. Even if they got that to work there’s no way a human could out run one of those going off.

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In the ouback I often saw a bright light I would ask my kids about it and they acted shady. I always asked and they said, ‘we don’t know’. we’ve always seen it’. I still don’t know what to think

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and when I lived in the us and we would travel I saw strange camps or towns in the .. bush? in montana and wyoming

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I was on a ship leaving Greece and I saw the sun set twice.

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I saw lightning hit in my house. Scared the ever loving crap out of me! I was in bed, just about dozing off when I heard saw this bright flash of light in the corner of the bedroom and heard this huge BOOM. Fried all my electronics in the room. :/

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The idea that global warming isn’t real.

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@Pandora I think it was the shock, I was just going to a friends house to hang out, but when I walked in and saw and smelled all that, I went outside, where I saw the puppies. I’m pretty sure these people were hoarders, too, it was soooooo creepy. I can’t stand to watch Hoarders on tv, it makes me itch- lol

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@augustlan I remember sitting in my sons bedroom and hearing lightning strike near by. It blew out the transformer next to my home and fried most of my electronics. The scariest thing was that the ceiling fan (that was off) suddenly had the light get supper bright and the fan started to whirl like it was trying to take off. It didn’t but I certainly did. I was afraid that it would come off the walls. It looked like one of those poltergeist movie scenes. As fast as it was going it could’ve killed me if it came off the wall. Funny thing is didn’t get fried. It only had two speeds. Slow and slower.

@trailsillustrated LOL, I’ve seen them in NC. They are indeed super creepy. You drive down a narrow straight road that leads to a dead end and you see creepy little homes with people who look at you like your soul is for lunch. Even the children look creepy. Saw one back in 82. Never forgot the vibe I got in all those years. I made sure never to go down that road again.

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@KNOWITALL LOL. You are not the only one who feels itchy after the show. I like to watch every once in awhile when I feel my closets are overfilling. It gives me the boost I need to clean them out. And I mean throw stuff out. Not just pack them in boxes and move it somewhere else.

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@Coloma Maybe the llama needs to give up smoking. :)

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Sometimes when really old people have sex it sounds the same as zombie moans from the old zombie movies.

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You like to watch?

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keys under the mat

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@woodcutter You almost made me spit my cookies out… LOL
My God, still laughing.

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Ugh, forgive my typos up there ^^. “heard saw”. <hangs head in shame>

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didn’t even catch that

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@augustlan Not to worry. I live in a glass house so I won’t be throwing any stones. :)
I often comment when I’m tired and it ends up looking like I had a whole bottle of rum.

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A (possibly homeless) woman defecating on the sidewalk in broad daylight.

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Oh, I’m sure that is something you wish you never saw.
Just saw a video of a meteorite coming in for a landing. Some people close by caught the trail and the sound it made but someone caught it as it showed up through the sky and all you saw was a huge fire ball before it disappeared over the horizon. It happened in Russia.
They said there was not fatalities by 400 injured.

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I saw this chick arguing with a plant when I was walking around town at like 6am.
Atleast I think she was arguing with the plant considering no one else was around and she was looking directly at it and smacking it.

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