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How voracious is your appetite for media?

Asked by cookieman (40944points) February 13th, 2013 from iPhone

Awards shows, year-end retrospectives, and an endless amount if top-ten lists this time of year lead me to one conclusion. I do not consume nearly the amount of movies, TV shows, music, books, plays, or games as I would like to.

Ooh, I wanted to see that. Drat, I meant to read that. Ah man, I’d love to get tickets for that.

Inevitably, I’m always lefts with lists of media I will eventually, but most likely, never get around to.

So I looked at the numbers. I consume about…
• 6 TV shows a week
• 2 books a year
• 12 comic books a month
• 1 play every two years
• 6 movies a year
• 1 video game a year
• dozens of songs thru Pandora
• 2 albums a year purchased
• 6 podcasts a week

I miss so much good stuff. I just don’t have the time to myself.

How about you? What does your media consumption look like? Do you wish it was more or less – or, is it just right for you goldilocks?

Also, anything in particular you’re dying to consume, but haven’t got to yet?

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I go through cycles. Sometimes I watch news; other time I avoid it. I really only watch realyity shows when there’s nothing else on.

I love the DVR. It lets me watch stuff on my schedule.

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haha…“or is just right for you goldilocks” I’m so gonna have to remember that one.

I hardly read books, because I tend not to like the stuff they seem to have on display in bookstores. It just puts me off. I don’t want to read some naff horror novel, I don’t care for fictional stuff, but I will read history books and seeing as I’m still reading the mother of all books to do with the Crusades I probably only really read half a book a year as a result. Eventually that might change.
I will get through however many albums are released in a year from bands I like. Last year that was Dark Adrenaline by Lacuna Coil and AB3 from Alter Bridge – but I did have to buy yet another copy of a Dire Straits album but I’m excluding that considering it ain’t new.
I don’t tend to bother with movies so much because unless it’s had good reviews from the general public rather than the critics who mostly get it wrong (“It’s great, must watch, hilarious!” usually ends up “It sucks, wish I hadn’t bothered, about as funny as a nuclear holocaust”), I won’t watch it. As a result I tend to not to bother with movies. I may see about 2 movies a year. If that. 3 at a push.
With my penchant for buying music magazines, ranging from Classic Rock, to Classic FM, to Metal Hammer and a mess of others, I will get through scores of music tracks (no pun), so the number there could get to reach quite high, based on how many magazines I will actually get through in a year and how many cover CDs they end up sticking to the front with that really annoying glue that rips the cover page off in places.
I never bother with podcasts. Never. I’ve only ever listened to one podcast and I can’t even remember who it was by or what the topic of the conversation was (although I think it might have been about internet security, networks and network topology).
You get through half the amount of comics I used to get through when I had to sit in the back of a newsagents reading comics when I was kid.
I think I might get back into that but only as a source for study in art, I used to do comic based illustrations but that was a phase more than a serious interest – so that might happen, but then it might not.
I’d like to be able to get more albums, but I’m stickler for what I already like, so what I get is largely by bands I know are likely to produce what I consider to be good music.
EDIT: TV shows (I just read @Augustlan’s answer and it kind of made me have to come back to put this in). I only watch a few. Castle (which I just love), Psych will be starting up again soon so that’ll be another one I just know I’ll be watching, Suits is pretty good too.

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How many TV series I regularly follow varies based on what’s available. Right now, there are only two: Glee and The Walking Dead. In the past, there have been as many as five a week. I see snippets of other shows, but don’t usually sit down specifically to watch anything other than my regulars. Not a big TV person, I guess, and I’m fine with that.

At minimum, I read 52 books a year…probably almost twice that, since I often finish a book in less than a week. Many of them are re-reads, though. Magazines are another big draw. Probably 30 or more in a year. I wish I could read more of everything.

We see about two movies a month on DVD, and a few more on TV. I haven’t watched a movie in a theater in a long time. Usually, I’m fine with this. Sometimes I miss seeing a brand new movie while it’s still new, though.

I used to go see live theater at least once a year, but haven’t been to any plays or musicals in quite a while. Just can’t afford it these days! I do miss that.

I rarely buy music, and I don’t mind that. BUT, my car stereo hasn’t worked in forever and I really miss listening to music while I’m driving. Most of the music I ‘consume’ is by way of occasional online videos, or hearing my husband’s music playing in the house.

TED talks are something I wish I caught more of. They are so good! But I forget about them until one pops up here or on Facebook. Then I go watch a bunch of them, and promptly forget about them again.

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My husband is the tv nut in our house, I will watch a few things like Big Bang Theory and Modern Family, Survivor, Dual Survivor and a lot of History Channel, but mostly I’ll read in the evenings, or play with my birds/ dog. My eyes get tired from the computer all day.

I miss a lot of movies that I want to see at the theatre, but I can Redbox them six months later, so I don’t mind much. I think it’s just right for me.

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My amount of TV watching depends on the time of year and what’s on. I’ve watched anywhere from only 2 shows a week to 8 shows a week.

I go to the movie theater with a friend about 8–10 times a year, I buy lots of movies on DVD, I buy a ton of music, and I read anywhere from 2 to 8 books per week. But I still feel like there’s a lot that I’ve missed.

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I just received a television diary from Nielsen ratings, as well as $5 for my time. I’m afraid the diary doesn’t have enough room for what I’m about to write. (<—slight exaggeration)

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4 TV shows a week
52 books a year
24 movies a year at a theater
52 DVDs
52 audio books on CD’s

Many random viewing of Nature and Nova and PBS cookikng shows and Jeopardy! while I am on the treadmill.

The New Yorker magazine weekly

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edit: cooking

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@gailcalled I’m looking forward to watching Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo It was on PBS tonight, but the Survivor premier was top priority this evening. Cold Warriors is on the DVR for future viewing.

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^^^Stupidly, I watched Survivor also, out of habit. Truly boring. Who are all those people? However, John Cochran’s feet should have their own Nova show.

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a book a week, averaging about 380 pages
some part of a newspaper or newsmagazine nearly every day
no TV
4 operas a year onstage and a couple more on DVD
a movie in the theater about every other month
a couple of Netflix every week
a ballet once in a while
a stage play once in a while
assorted music from my collection

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