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Is is safe to eat the seed in pomegranate seeds?

Asked by andrew (16358points) November 10th, 2006
I'm not worrying about spending time in Hades, but are you supposed to eat a pomegranate seed whole?
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I don't know the scientific data, but I've eaten many of them whole and I know they are often served whole in foods. I think the only problem is that the seeds themselves just taste like seeds and only the red covering is good.
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i used to always eat around the seeds. but now i just throw a whole bunch of them in my mouth: chew and suck until I'm left with pretty much just the seeds and then I spit them out. like sunflower seeds. mostly, i'm afraid of a pomegranate tree growing in my stomach.
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absolutely! I eat them all the time. They are delicious!
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and a really easy tip to peel a pomegranite: peel it over a bowl of water. The yucky white stuff (the "pith") will float to the top, and the yummy seeds (the "arils") sink to the bottom. Then you can drain the water and the whole thing is a much less messy process.
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oh hell yes...sorry, had to respond to this -- it is a quality o' life issue
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it's safe, but the seeds also represent fertility and in certain (wiccan?) ceremonies have to be buried instead of swallowed, so be wary of eating them on solstices and equinox(es?)
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I agree with Anne, the seeds must not be eaten, for they are sacred.
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It hasn't killed me yet!
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i always eat the seeds, i think it would take away from the fun to have to worry about not eating the seeds, i love pomegranates!
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definitely safe! i freeze my pomegranates and then microwave them for about 30 seconds before cutting them open. the seeds remain frozen and it’s a fun way to eat them..

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