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Which greasemonkey scripts do you use...and why?

Asked by rockvj (59points) July 4th, 2007

For everyone who uses the greasemonkey add on with firefox, what scripts do you use? Currently I'm mainly using it to improve facebook...

Greased Lightbox
Disable Text Ads

Facebook Autologin v2 -
Facebook Live Homepage Title and Refresher
Facebook Autopoke 2.1

Can anybody reccomend any others?


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i am digg addict so i use the following digg greasemonkey scripts:
The nested comments, Digg comment enhancer, 5 Digg Mirrors, Digg Washer
helps me customize digg, get over its annoying new comment system

also i found a website that reviews a bunch of helpful greasemonkey scripts for facebook

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wow, i have so many. some favs:

try this search on
text area drag resize
text area backup
gmail conversation preview
gmail superclean
play twitter

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I use one for Colored Profiles on Facebook. Works like amazing!!!

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