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What made you smile today?

Asked by RandomGirl (3357points) February 14th, 2013

There’s the obvious response (obvious because of the date – Feb. 14) of, “My girlfriend” or “My boyfriend” or whatever… but what about the little things?
The sun on your face?
The sound of birds chirping? Kids playing?
Some good tea? Tea is good.
A sweet thing a kid said or did?
Some good news?

What made you smile today?

I see this question has been asked several times before, but I think we all need reminders that, even if a day on the whole was crummy, there’s always at least one thing we’re thankful for, or that put a brief smile on our face. Those moments are to be cherished.

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I made some special peoples day. Any more than that is classified.

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I got a nice text from my stepdaughter that said, “You are a wonderful Mom. I love you to the moon and back.” It made me smile and I smiled again when her dad asked me why she was sucking up to me.

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A good friend sent this to me.

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The obvious response is actually the best response for me. She made me smile talking to me on the phone. She always does, and I am always grateful for that and I never take it for granted. Love may be an obvious thing, but it is also a very simple pleasure, in the few moments we are allowed to feel it.

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Getting valentines from a few of my friends. Having lunch with a good group of friends. Being able to go into school two hours later than normal, as well as having shorter classes. Dressing up in a really cute outfit. Having relatively warm and sunny weather. Making plans with my best friend to hang out tomorrow for some much needed girl time. Today was actually pretty awesome, there were lots of reasons to smile! :-)

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A man who worked at the grocery store. He had this wonderful deep voice. I asked him if he sang. He said no. I told him he ought to. If I see him again, I’ll tell him he has a wonderful musical instrument and he out to learn to use it. I know, he may not be able to carry a tune.

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It’s really unimaginable, but the feds owe me money. I found that out today, and it made me smile widely.

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A smile from a dog.

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A song, a text, and a shared memory with someone I used to know.

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My daughter giving me two big hugs when I walked into her classroom for her Valentine’s Day party.

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The woman in McDonalds that gave me a cup of coffee. She ALWAYS has a smile for me (and probably everyone else that comes through) but the thing is, her smile is genuine.
She is not just smiling because management says she needs to put on a happy face. She is smiling because that is who she is.
I appreciate it and you know what, it puts me in a good mood every morning I go there. And, It doesn’t stop with me, I pass it on and hopefully someone elses mood is picked up because of what I do. But, the catalyst is the smile on the McDonalds waitress, not me.

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lol Valentine’s

So I got this new video game called Risen 2. It’s a pirate simulator, and kind of like the Grand Theft Auto series…but with pirates.

A lot of this game makes me smile. For one, since it’s filled with immoral and filthy pirates, everybody is constantly saying the word ’‘fuck’’. They have accents, they use weird expressions like ’‘piece of piss’’ or ’‘bugger the fuck off’’ and ’‘coffin dodger’’. Love the dialogue in this. They even get epic, too…you can draw your weapon whenever if someone or something attacks you, but if you do it for no reason, the people around you will react. One of the things they say is ’‘put that away, or ya might be needin’ it’’. It’s just so cool, and while they swear all the time, a lot of the humor is witty, and of course, all pirate style. You have a lady friend with you, and you have to trick her into making money by cooking for a bunch of slobs…but being a pirate herself, it’s hard to persuade her.

Which comes the fun part, in the game you have a shitload of skills, like being a master with bladed weapons, firearms, you can put your points into thieving, or being a smartass or intimidating…you can even practice voodoo. (my next aim) It’s so cool that there’s more than one way to get things done in the game, and your character can be shaped how you want him to. Either trick people, or beat the shit out of them.

So I made my guy into an absolute thief…I pick pocket everyone, I loot places at night when everyone is sleeping, then sell all the shit and I’m rich. RICH. I sneak by guards, take everything under their noses and they’re all like duuuh. As far as I know, you can kick their asses and just take things by force…but I tried that, and they literally call the cavalry. Lol. Eventually, apparently you can get your own ship and crew, lookin forward to this.

Man, some guy even challenges you to a duel because he wants your hat. So since I’m no good with swords, he won…but you can steal the hat back when he’s asleep. XD

Plus you can do a bunch of weird shit, like train monkeys to fight, own parrots that go off and steal shit for you, plus I keep winning all these drinking contests. Find maps, dig up treasure, you can be a mercenary, cause trouble, it’s like you can do anything in this.
It does, of course, have a story, but in between each segment there’s so much for you to do and fuck around with. It kicks ass!

This is a huge ass role playing game, so I hope you get to meet Vikings at one point. That would be great.

But yeah, never quite played something like this before, and it’s making me smile a lot. Especially since my last few days, besides this game, have been complete shit. I love being thrown in a world where I can lose myself a tiny bit, and just break rules constantly. Piss off wildlife, loot graves, be a menace to society. lol

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Listening to Chris de Burgh’s Moonfleet CD.

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Finishing the preparations and decorating with friends for a baby shower. Its been a long time since I blew up balloons!

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My boyfriend sent me a text message saying he wanted to run away with me, I sent him one back asking if he was having a bad day to which he said, no I just love you and want to be with you all the time. Soppy I know but it put a big fat smile on my face even though quitting our jobs and running away from it all is impossible right now. Bloody responsibilities!

And it’s now 15th Feb where I am so this wasn’t a Valentine’s message! Just knowing someone loves me as much as he does is making me smile a lot at the moment.I agree with @wundayatta

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Yesterday, hearing that the paper that I stayed up til 5 am writing was so good that the teacher wasn’t even going to give comments on it made me smile…
as did seeing a couple of my favorite people show up at my favorite bar later that night when I thought I was going to just have a couple of quiet drinks alone.

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Facial muscles.

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