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Should I use Neosporin on my scrapes?

Asked by ben (8563points) June 11th, 2008

For some reason, I’m skeptical. I do have some nasty scrapes from an ultimate game last night, but I’m wondering if there are any downsides, or if this will really speed up my healing (these are on my legs, so I’m not concerned about scars.)

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it does usually help speed up healing and protects you from infection

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Ben, Just wash them thoroughly with soap and water. That said, there really isn’t much harm to a little neosporin (or any generic triple antibiotic cream), unless you are allergic to one of the components. For myself, I usually decide based on how extensive is the wound, and how much risk I want to take. Frankly, I get a ton of scrapes from playing soccer in San Francisco (on the half grass-half dirt fields at the Polo Grounds), and only rarely use an antibiotic ointment unless the wound is deep, or starts oozing. Hope that helps.

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Yes, Ben, I find Neosporin does really help and use it quite often, even works for my cracked finger (excema). I wouldn’t hesitate to use it unless you are completely against OTC meds or scripts. This company has some great Homeopathic remedies. Hope this helps :-)

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My answer to pet owners:

Go ahead, it won’t hurt. It probably won’t help, either.

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I use it all the time. It does help heal faster and seems like I have less problems with the scrapes and sores turning red and irritated. And my boys well lets just say it’s a first aid kit staple.

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yes but a more herbal approach is a mixture of grinded mos and water; I used it once and it didn’t even leave a scar :)

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Nah…Don’t bother…
Chicks dig scars

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@kpuerjam: grinded moss, you mean? what kind of moss?

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@ susanc ~ did you mean kapuerajam? :)

@ susanc~ yes, I meant moss, from in between the brick on my patio

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la_chica_gomela’s Mother is convinced that the anti-microbial agents in neosporin don’t speed healing…the fact that you are keeping the wound moist does. You might have similar results with an herb-infused lotion/cream…or even petroleum jelly (though I suspect that petroleum distillates inhibit healing).

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She’s not “convinced” she’s a wound specialist

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This might be true, but in an era of life-threatening MRSA infections occurring with high frequency in the community, I wouldn’t take any chances. But that’s just me.

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