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Dental pain question?

Asked by Shippy (9873points) February 15th, 2013

My temporary tooth fell off the other day, and after a week wait I managed to get to see my Dentist. I had pushed the tooth back to cover the area. He blew it with that air devise to clean it, checked it and replaced the temp tooth. Prior to that I had a wisdom tooth filling done by him. The roots on that upper area are all good ( As per Xray). In fact he seems pleased with whole process. But I have pain in my jaw all along that side since my temp tooth fell out and was replaced. Which includes the wisdom filling. (Which was checked out as OK previously).

He blew air on it without injection so it was painful. Is this a type of neuralgia perhaps? I really hate going there and am there so often. So any thoughts appreciated. Aside from go back! Thanks.

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Find a new dentist. It shouldn’t have taken a week for you to get into see your dentist, at least that’s not how my dentist would have handled it but my dentist is a saint. Maybe I’m just lucky. I had a tooth that needed an emergency pulling and he met me in his office at 9:00pm on a Saturday night and when my father had his fall and landed on his face, and, among other things, broke his upper plate in half, our dentist offered to come by the house, if my dad didn’t want to come into the office, because my dad was kind of like that, to make sure the repaired upper plate fit properly.

But like I said, my dentist is a saint; he’s just awesome.

Find yourself a another dentist. Just from the fact that you were in pain, with a temporary tooth that, I am assuming, was made and installed by your dentist, and you had to wait a week and “managed” to get into see him or her makes me think, definitely, a new dentist. One who gives a shit.

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I would call and talk to him about it first.

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@lillycoyote I think he is so busy that’s why he cant fit me in, as he is so popular. So don’t know. (I personally don’t think he is that great tbh) Thanks for your feedback though. @marinelife I phoned they close early Friday so will just prepare for weekend pain management.

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@Shippy I agree with lilycoyote. I had to have my front two teeth crowned last year, and used one of the best and most sought-after prosthodontists in NYC. My temps came off twice and they got me in immediately on the day it happened both times. Then after I got the crowns and bit a little hard on one and became afraid I had cracked it, they got me in immediately again. Find a new dentist.

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@Shippy My dentist has you call in the morning if you have an emergency and they tell you when they can squeeze you in that day. I agree with the “find a new one” school.

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My dentist also will squeeze me in when I occasionally announce an emergency.

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Thanks I guess it is time to find a new dentist (again). Ugh!

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I thought you were about to move to the UK? Perhaps soldier on until then?

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How long has it been since the dentist saw you? The nerve will be sensitive for a while after treatment but if the pain persists and especially if you notice any swelling or stiffness in the jaw I would ask to see him quickly as it could be an abscess.

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@flutherother It was a few days ago, I suspect that blowing cold air on the open tooth may have irritated it. No swelling or stiffness. Thanks for that. Someone said it could be a pinched nerve. Anyway tonight is bearable. I just don’t let my jaws touch too much :)

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Is this a crown or a root canal? Obviously, if it’s a root canal, there should be no nerve to feel pain, and any pain you feel is from another source. If it’s just a crown, then you still have a nerve in there, and you should feel pain, and it may not go away for a while after the permanent cap is in place.

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@wundayatta People should expect to feel pain if a tooth is crowned but not root canaled? One of mine was root canaled and the other was just crowned, and I never experienced pain in the crowned one – whereas right after the root canal the anesthetic wore off too quickly and I had blinding pain like I have only felt once before in my life, when I dislocated my knee. You’re right that it couldn’t have been the nerve that was hurting, but whatever it was, it was major. Maybe it was like phantom limb pain? At any rate, I never experienced as much persistent discomfort from my non-root canaled tooth as Shippy describes, even when the temps fell off and it got hit with cold air, and never had actual pain with it.

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@wildpotato People should expect possible pain from the root for a crown, not a root canal. If there’s pain from a root canal, it’s not from the root, which no longer exists. Unless they didn’t get all of it.

I had a crown, and after a while, there was pain that never went away. So I got a root canal, and the pain is finally gone. I think the dentists can’t predict these things. You just take the next step, as needed. I’m just happy that my root canal was covered by insurance.

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@wundayatta and @wildpotato Just to clarify, I had no root canal. So all roots are there. (On the crowned tooth and on the wisdom tooth filling). I had, had pain before on the wisdom tooth, but at an earlier visit he confirmed the roots were all good. The pain went. This tooth is upper top. The temp tooth/crown is on lower jaw middle. All was OK pain wise ‘till he replaced the temp tooth. So odd?As now wisdom top is sore, and the temp tooth middle bottom. Someone said to me there is a nerve that runs along there and he has nipped it? I just wish I knew as I have a horrendous phobia of dentists, and want to maybe know what to expect. I have been so stressed the last few weeks with too many things. Don’t need dentist visits twice in a few days!!

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The nerves to the teeth run all over the place. That’s why they put novacaine in your cheek, and not in the gum. The nerves to the teeth must run somewhere over where they put the novacaine in. Pretty weird.

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< is a dentist – you can have pain for as long as a year if the filling was close to the pulp. It will resolve. Also, if he numbed you up for that lower tooth, that is a nerve block where you have to go in pretty far, and all these nerves connect to the trigeminal nerve so, give it time. Take an analgesic and good luck!!

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@trailsillustrated Thank you so much, you are right it is going away slowly.(He didn’t numb me though). I am so relieved I was of course thinking of wisdom tooth extraction. Thanks again and thanks to everyone much appreciated :)

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