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Quick! Roofers are here and I need to know if there is anything I should ask?

Asked by Pandora (27195points) February 15th, 2013

Sorry for posting this question last minute but I just thought of asking here in fluther.
Is there anything I need to ask them before they are done?

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Make sure they’re insured. Roofer’s insurance is really expensive. If they don’t have it you could have problems.

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How long will it take?
What plans are in place for cleaning up while they work and afterwards?
Are they insured?
What are their plans if the weather goes to hell?
Make sure they brought the shingles that you ordered.
Do they want coffee?

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Make sure they don’t shingle over ANYthing that needs to be replaced.

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Hard to tell from bellow. Since I live in a townhome, both the front and back have tarp so they can throw stuff down and not make a mess, so I’m a bit weary about going out and taking a peak. I will say the under part of the shingles look dry and so does the paper that was under it and it rained yesterday.

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Looks like everyone has about covered it.
Also ask about the cleanup, make sure they will clean up well.
Yes, don’t forget to offer them drinks, coffee, water, soda, and maybe even make them a plate of sandwiches.
I like to be generous and treat my workers well as an extra incentive.

Good luck!

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If you live in the snow belt, are they installing ice dams at the roof’s edge?

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1. Do you have a building permit? (Is one even required for roofing in your area?)

2. Does the contractor have a business license? (Ditto on the second question above.)

3. Does the contractor have (and more importantly, can he produce) an up-to-date certification from his insurer for liability and workmen’s comp insurance?

But these are things that should have been asked before the contract was even signed.

For now, “How do you like your coffee?” and “You’re going to clean up all of this mess before you leave, aren’t you?” are about all that’s left.

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Thank you all for your response. The roof has been in for about 3 weeks now and has gone through snow, ice and heavy rain. So far, no more leaks.

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