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Do you get annoyed when you sneeze?

Asked by flutherother (27083points) February 15th, 2013

I find it annoying when I am trying to do something and I get caught up in a fit of sneezing. It is useless to try to hold it in and I hate that a reflex that serves little good purpose has taken control of my body when I have better things to do with it. Then it stops and when I begin to think it’s all over… it starts again.

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Only if I don’t have a tissue or I’m doing something like driving on the freeway.

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Only when I’m driving. I can’t keep my eyes open. Otherwise I kind of enjoy them if it’s not a sneezing fit.

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No, but the wife does. I like to “celebrate” a sneeze, none of this dainty little ahh-choo business, more like a bellowing RAHH-HOO!! She no likey…bless.

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No. What annoys me is when I need to sneeze but it never comes. That drives me crazy.

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Why would someone get annoyed at an uncontrollable body function? There are some embarrassing ones, but sneezing isn’t one of those. Save your annoyance for something else. Annoyance creates facial wrinkles.

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Sometimes it hurts. That annoys me.

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I have a friend who LOVES to sneeze. He’ll get legitimately mad at you if you say bless you before he sneezes since it makes hard to sneeze(never understood why exactly that was) but yea he celebrates it, says it feels great.

I on the other hand hate it. The occasional sneeze, fine whatever(could take it or leave it) but I suffer from a lot of seasonal allergies so sneezing gets annoying really fast.

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No, unless I’m attending some sort of event where others might be annoyed—like at a movie or play, or god forbid a funeral. My dad was a horrible sneezer, and I still shudder to think of the times in a movie or in Temple when he’d let one loose.

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I detest sneezing, especially since I tend to do them in fits, which annoys me and everyone else around me I’m sure. I agree with you, @flutherother, it’s annoying because it’s an uncontrollable reflex. I’d hate to have a sneezing fit while driving on the highway, or doing an intramuscular injection… shudders

Dammit I just had one!!!

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I’m a “serial sneezer.” If I need to sneeze, I’ll sneeze many times in rapid succession.

What I hate is when someone says “bless you” or “gesundheit” after every sneeze. If I sneeze twelve times, I get twelve “bless you’s.” By the end, the so-called good wisher is usually laughing or making a stupid comment out of embarrassment.

Personally, I never do a “bless you” or “gesundheit.” Why call so much attention to an involuntary bodily function?

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It depends on what I’m doing. I hate having to sneeze during something important (driving), or anyplace in public when I don’t have a tissue. Otherwise, I don’t mind it.

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I always thought a good sneeze felt like a petite orgasm.

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@Adirondackwannabe Oh, yes, it most certainly does!

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@SadieMartinPaul Brings a different meaning to “Bless You”.

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@SadieMartinPaul I’m not a fan of the whole “bless you” thing either. It really is quite silly when you think about it. But a lot of things we do just “because it’s tradition”.

OT: I don’t mind it most of the time unless it’s when I have a cold; usually causes my throat to be scratchy and it’s unpleasant.

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@DominicX It’ actually an old tradition. Before antibiotics if someone sneezed, it was a possible sign of tuberculosis. So you wished them best wishes or gesundheit (sp) because that’s all you could do.

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@Adirondackwannabe I’ve also heard that it came from the Black Plague or was to prevent the soul from escaping, etc. Most of the explanations are really just folk etymologies.

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I’ve had a couple violent sneezes that made me pee a little. That was annoying.

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@DominicX, personally, I like it when somebody says “Bless you” or “gesundheit.” Any tradition, whatever its origin, can be worth keeping, especially when it’s a small courtesy like this one in a world in which common courtesy is disappearing.

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I never have a fit of sneezing. How many is a fit? I often sneeze in threes.

Yes, it annoys me! You have to close your eyes when you sneeze. Not great when you are driving. If you have food in your mouth you can choke to death as you inhale for the sneeze or wind up sneezing food everywhere,

An exboyfriend of mine used to like sneezing. Like it was a release or something, like when it feels good to finally pee when you have been holding it a long time.

You are supposed to use God bless you, not just bless you the way I learned it. The devil caused illness like plague so you needed God to fight him off. I like the traditions of responding to a sneeze, whichever you pick.

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I love to sneeze. It is so much better than almost sneezing.

Occasionally MIlo will sneeze while lying on my abdomen. I feel the little breeze that accompanies the almost inaudible “whooft.”

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I sneeze in a very unexpected, loud, almost violent way. They startle me and often hurt my chest or throat. I do hate them and often exclaim, “MOTHERFUCKER!” Immediately after.

My wife is a terrible serial sneezer. Her fits go on for five minutes sometimes. I feel bad for her, but it’s also annoying as she tries to continue on in a conversion while sneezing.

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@cookieman And, it is out of your control? The sneeze being very loud?

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@cookieman “My wife is a terrible serial sneezer. Her fits go on for five minutes sometimes.”

How annoying is it when someone keeps saying, “Bless you…bless you…bless you…” for the entire five minutes?

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@JLeslie: Yes, sadly. They’re naturally loud – and I imagine startling to those around me.

@SadieMartinPaul: My daughter will say, “Bless you” to my wife once and then each subsequent sneeze is met with, “and another”. It’s kind of funny and doesn’t seem to annoy my wife.

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Gosh, which sneeze problem did your daughter get stuck with? Hopefully neither.

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@JLeslie: Thankfully her sneezes are uneventful. :^)

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I spoke too soon. Last night, at home with plenty of tissues, I had a sneezing attack. I must have sneezed 20 times in a half hour! By the end of that, I was extremely annoyed. :p

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Yes totally it is the most irritating thing ever. My mother once she started sneezing would sneeze for hours (or so it seemed). I am so glad I am not the only one loll

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