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To my fellow Fluther grammarians: do you think this deserves to be an official Fluther shirt?

Asked by Buttonstc (27557points) February 15th, 2013

Don’t you think it perfectly sums up a large part of the ethos of Fluther?

Would you wear it proudly in the real world?

Your thoughts?

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No. It is too busy, too ugly and too derivative.

I still cherish the one that Andrew’s mom sent me years ago…

I am the grammarian about whom your mother warned you.

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No thanks, I just want to put a “t” at the beginning of “errorists”. “Errorist” is not a word.

I much prefer this shirt. Please read with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

I also like I cry because others are stupid and it makes me sad.

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I like it. :)

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It gave me a chuckle.

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It made me cringe.

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I remember seeing that shirt and immediately thinking of you, gailcalled.

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I’m not a T shirt type :)

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Ugh. No, thank you.

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Well, that was interesting.

Lurve to everybody regardless of pro or con.

For the record, I also think there should have been a “T” to make the word terrorists. I think it would have been much funnier that way :)

I also enjoyed the little write up they did on it, Woot is pretty well known for their cute little descriptive write ups. They have quite a creative and whimsical staff.

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@Buttonstc I get the humour – but your question was whether it should be an official Fluther T-shirt. I vote nay. But it was funny – as are the other suggestions here.

I must say, though, Gailcalled’s is fysterically hunny.

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Hmm…I love the fist holding a knife. It speaks to me. I’d wear that, but minus all the writing. Save that shit for the headstone.

But an official Fluther shirt needs this.

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’‘huggles’’ :D

I really love how there’s pillows and cushions depicting just about everything that exists. You know what would rock? It’s like, Fluther sells merchandise. Key chains, shirts…I myself have a Fluther mug, which was a Christmas gift.
So we should totally have Fluther cushions for sale. Hell, if I were able to make cushions and pillows, I’d offer to make some for the site to sell. Imagine, a cute cushion with Dr. J on it. That would demolish complete ass.

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Oh, that pillow is gorgeous; do you know where it is sold ? Or did you just have it on hand from an image search ?


That’s actually actually a really good idea.

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Well if we ever get more merchandise to buy, the cushions would really rock. :)

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I designed this just for you, @Symbeline! Unfortunately, it would cost 60 bucks on our Zazzle store, so I’m not posting it for sale. :(

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@augustlan How about a pillow cover, in some common throw pillow size?

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@augustlan Whoooa!! It exists! A Fluther pillow! Man that would rock if you could manage to get more made, and sell them. I’d get one for sure. looks all soft and cuddly!

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If you can sew on a button and trace a drawing, you could draw Dr. J on a square of white fabric, hem the edges and use a hemstitch to attach it to any plain covered pillow.

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@glacial and @Symbeline Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Zazzle (which is where we host our Fluther store) offers just the covers. It’s the whole pillow or nothing. $60 seems like an awful lot for a little throw pillow, but that’s what they’d charge. :(

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Bastards. :(

But I can still look at the picture.

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I think we need Fluther Snuggies.

For the winter Fluther experience. They could have Dr J all over them and be called Fluggies.

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@augustlan: Making a throw pillow covered in plain cotton fabric (old men’s dress shirts are wonderful) is also easy as sewing on a button. I have pillows strewn around that I made and then decorated to suit my fancy. Maybe it’s because I was forced to take Home Ec rather than computer science in jr. high.

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I don’t like it but then I will never be called a Fluther grammarian either.

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No thanks. Doesn’t strike me as friendly at all. I’m all for reminding people that we have standards, but the going out of our way to let people know we’re geek-proud about it doesn’t seem right.

I’d rather our walking advertisements (Fluther t-shirts) have more substance, or at least something original. A quote from a particularly insightful thread, maybe.

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This one is pretty relevant. It would be awesome if it came in teal and pumpkin orange.

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Did you catch the price? $18–20 for only eight little letters?

But I do like that the word is redacted. I agree that it’s quite Flutherish (for those of us who’ve been around long enough to know about the infamous CIA thread :)

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@Buttonstc Yes, the CIA thread before all the [Redacted]s got changed to Removed by Fluther Moderators

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Literacy privilege

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