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How can I get my cat to stop eating the dog food?

Asked by Cbullman10 (7points) February 15th, 2013

I adopted a new cat about three weeks ago and the only food that he eats is the dogs food. Is there any way to stop this?

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You must restrict access to the dog food.

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Cats can die from eating dog food. Stop access or end up with a dead cat.

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Why do cats die from eating dog food? I was going to answer cats do whatever they want, but that surprised me.
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My cats have been eating the dogs food for years and it has not hurt them.

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What type of cat food are you feeding him?

If he prefers dog food then he obviously doesn’t like it. So, in addition to denying him access to the dog food, try experimenting with various types and flavors of cat foods until you find one (or a few) that he will eat eagerly.

Denying him access to the dogs food is a short term solution only. If you find a type of cat food he truly enjoys and prefers, that will be his preference and the dog food becomes a non-issue.

Cats can be so finicky at times :)

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Feed the dogs cat food.

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What you makes you think it isn’t all the same stuff. Seems like it just makes shopping that much easier.

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Don’t leave the dog’s food where the cat can get it. It does not contain enough protein for a cat andit is fattening.

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@Adirondackwannabe Most dog foods do not have high enough concentrations of taurine.

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@josie The nutrition values in dog food and cat food are formulated for the differences in their needs. They are not the same thing, or shouldn’t be. People need to read the labels on animal food just like they do people food.

My grandson has a cage to put the cat in while the dog is eating, and I feed my dog on the enclosed patio with the house door closed.

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Cats go nuts when they smell fish. Buy some fishy cat food and you will see it may a beeline towards the food.
If you feed your dog on a schedule than put the cat in a cage till after the dog has eaten. Feed the cat first so he’s full and not going nuts while he hears the dog eat.
Found this information on why you would not want your cat to eat dog food .

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get rid of the dog and the dogfood.

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Our 2 year old cat started to eat our puppy’s food when we switched brands. She’d even hiss at the puppy when it tried to eat the food. We just didn’t let her eat it. We’d pick her up and put her by her food and pick up the puppy food when the puppy was done so it wasn’t sitting out. After this and a few firm “no!“s, she doesn’t even bother anymore. Since yours is a kitten, she’ll learn eventually. Just restrict access to the food for now, and make sure she likes her food.

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@syz That shouldn’t be a problem if you are properly watering your catnip with Brawndo Energy Drink (It’s got what plants crave.)

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There are sprays for cats that you can spray around a certain vicinity (say, the dog food area) that will repulse them from going into that area. Some work better than others, but petsmart and similar places carry them.

Otherwise you’ll have to get your new feline friend used to a routine and separate the cat dish from the dog dish, like in different rooms altogether until kitty learns

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@syz Thanks. I learned something new today. Does that go for big cats too?

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Feed the dog less, so it will finish its food before the cat can have a go at it. My understanding is that dogs need to be fed at distinctive meals, finishing their bowls anyway, while cats can be fed in excess, regulating their own intake.

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