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What film is Bill Murray watching?

Asked by SamandMax (1713points) February 15th, 2013

It’s driving me nuts trying to figure this one out.
In “Lost In Translation” about 16 minutes into the movie, Murray is sat in his hotel room, in which he is seen to be watching a film on TV – in the clip that is shown on the television, there is a monkey pulling a face, it cuts to another character that says something in Japanese (obviously dubbed Japanese) – presumably to the monkey, and then it cuts to a car seen to be leaving the road surface just off the top of a hill. My question here is what is the name of that film?

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@SamandMax If possible you should link to a screenshot. I know I bunch of people went out and purchased the “Lost In Translation” soundtrack only to find the song they wanted was not on it.

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Boku no Pico.

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it sounds like Crocodile Dundee 3. Part of CD’s part was playing an animal handler for a TV show, where he had the monkey pick up a coke and take it to someone, then he runs back to CD for affection, followed by the car scene.

this is just a guess

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