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What would you like to see (globally) standardized?

Asked by rebbel (24844points) February 15th, 2013

What, and why?
Clothing sizes? A certain law? Measurement(s)? Something else?
For safety reasons? Equality reasons? Convenience reasons?

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The metric system.

The Farenheit scale, which is much more precise than Centigrade degrees (smaller increments).

Ladies’ clothing and shoe sizes. Men’s sizes are uniform; why shouldn’t the same be true for women’s sizes? A message to all clothing manufacturers—please stop trying to convince everyone that a (formerly “perfect”) size 10 is for obese women, and that size 2 is average.

Whatever happended to standard-sized windows and doors?

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All countries give same percentage of GDP to help out the ones needing it.

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Weights and measures
Why not. It eliminates the time wasting and useless chore of conversion

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Salaries. There should not be any “sweat shops” where workers get paid lower than a standard amount.

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I’d standardize electricity. Consumer products under 2000Watts would all have the same outlet and plug shape. I’d standardize to 60 Hz and eliminate 50 Hz. I’d also move it 200 volts and eliminate 100, 110, 220.

And I’d demand the metric system be used everywhere.

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Traffic laws. I think it would prevent a lot of accidents if driving were the same game no matter where on Earth.

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metric scale, din a4, european electrical plugs, the german language, the €, and wages.

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@ragingloli German language, no thanks!

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You will not have a choice in that matter.

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I would like the U.S. to go to the metric system. Our company builds equipment for both U.S. and foreign customers so we have to work with both systems. It gets very confusing.

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As long as we are talking languages I’d scrap all the different character sets and go with Korean Hangul . It is so flexible you can make any sound and it is expandable if you need to add something new. Everyone can read it and sound out the words in their own language. Pronunciations are the same in all cases. Look how well Koreans speak foreign languages compared to say Japanese, who have a very limited sound library. That is because they learned the foreign language using Hangul. It is also so simple you can learn it in a day or two. Done!
I was taught to read in one day. As far as I know, you can’t do that with any other language.

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Charging devices for small devices such as cell phones, smart phones, tablets, cameras. One connector type and size, 12V and capable of handling 110V/220V input.

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@mattbrowne Betamax vs. VHS, anyone?

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@SadieMartinPaul – It’s worse. What a waste of our precious resources. Every household accumulates dozens of charging devices over the years…

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