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Sliver of a sunflower seed stuck in my throat?

Asked by kb12345 (429points) February 15th, 2013

I ate a hand full of seeds and a piece of one of the shells got caught in my throat. Its been in there for a few hours now and its really sharp and hurts. I’ve gargled, ate bread, chips, water many things!! It is very irritating and painful what can I do?

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This is not professional opinion or meant as medical advice.

I’d say it’s possible that there’s nothing stuck there but that you just scratched your throat a little. Give it some time.

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@Jeruba beat me to the punch!
There are two possibilities: (1) There’s definitely a foreign body in your throat; (2) The swallowed shell scraped the throat’s lining, causing a mucosal abrasion that feels like a foreign body when none is actually present. Hopefully you won’t require an endoscopic retrieval.

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You could try drinking very cold ice water or take a spoon of chloreseptic to coat the area that hurts. My doctor had me do that when I had really bad ulcers in my esophagus. Also, Tylenol should help if it is scratched. Tylenol is very good for cuts and scratches. Don’t take aspirin.

If it still hurts a lot tomorrow you could go to a walk in clinic and have them take a look. My great aunt had a metal staple from a tea bag get caught in her throat and they have to remove it for her.

I’m not a medical professional either.

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Brush the back of your tongue with your toothbrush until you gag and it might come up. That’s a good way to make yourself cough up whatever is at the unreachable back of your throat.

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So I went to the walk-in clinic near by where I was (which is not where I live). Here they treated me very poorly the doctor came in, without warning numbed the back of my throat and stuck a long mirror down there. He couldn’t see that far down so he gave me numbing gel which lasted maybe 20 minutes. And I have been back just dealing with the pain eating only liquids.. This is not fun

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How far down is it? Back of your throat? Esophagus inside your neck, chest?

I wonder if it will show on xray? I’m thinking it might not. The staple showed up, but that is metal of course?

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