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What are some of your favorite and/or most useful google search tips?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) June 11th, 2008
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i dont have some tips, but you should try out
its a google search shell which incorporates some ssh commands, and you can easily get translations, searches, and tons of other stuff

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I use define:something all the time. It is a quick way to get a definition for a word or term.

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I like using the “site:” tip.

I found that sometimes a website’s search engine sucks, so I use google to search the site. For instance, say I was unhappy with Fluther’s search, and I really wanted to find that topic about mangoes. I’d search for it like this . Easy!

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I like playing around with Google’s Experimental Search Tools.

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Being european I often need to convert stuff, like ‘1 yard in meter’
Other than that define: (as previously mentioned) is really useful, as well as the +/- signs and quotations.

One of my favorites though is which removes the major retailers from productsearches. Which in turn makes it a lot easer to find meaningful product reviews.

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I like using quotes to block off a phrase:

“end of the world as we know it”

and I like using inurl:


just searches for that string anywhere in the URL, often takes less time than typing out http://site:

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