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What do you do if you barf up blood?

Asked by wakawaka36 (72points) February 16th, 2013

I was going to bed, and my stomach hurt REALLY bad.I tried to sleep and it hurt much worse. And when i finally fell asleep i woke up in the middle of the night and it hurt…then i barfed up blood.

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It is not fine. Go to the doctor or hospital immediately!

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I’d go to the hospital. I’d think this was the obvious answer.

In what universe is vomiting blood okay/normal? See a doctor right away.

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Welcome to Fluther. How old are you? Does your stomach still hurt? I agree with @Coloma, it’s not fine. You need to talk to your guardian about this and insist they take you to the hospital.

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Dial 911, or whatever the emergency number is where you are,

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my tummy still hurts…

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Welcome to Fluther.

Call a neighbor or the police if your guardian is unresponsive or continues to be delusional and say that you’re alright. You may have been accidentally poisoned. You are definitely unwell. In any case, you are definitely not in a normal or safe condition.

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i am fine now,thx!

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Sooo…you are going to ignore your very serious symptoms then?
Glad we could help. Pffft!

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