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Anything that others may not know about you?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9835points) February 16th, 2013

Me? I feel pretty deeply. Just a moment ago, I was doing the dishes and thinking that if I knew someone who was holed up in their home (elderly), I’d love to bring them groceries. What a random thought.

I’m extremely nuturing. Always have been.

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I like cats.

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^^^So has Blue exercised today?

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The DMV says my eyes are green now. It will say so on my renewed driver’s license. I don’t know that I agree with that, but they are definitely no longer brown.

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Up and down the stairs, yes. :)

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MIlo here; Good. It’s a start.Give him a lick for me.

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I’ve been researching moving out of the country, I really don’t think I want to stay in America for the rest of my life. Nobody knows I am thinking of this.

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@Coloma Where are you thinking of going?

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Maybe Thailand, Colombia, Nicaragua, Panama, or Malaysia.
Lots of awesome retirement places with plenty of americans, good health care and low crime. Many places you can retire on less than $1000 a month. Hey…life’s an adventure and my U.S. adventure is about played out methinks.
America is a spent country, running on fumes. lol

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Come to Canada!

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Reading history makes me cry sometimes. I guess I’m in the right field.

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I have a secret love for country music.

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I make my own deodorant, shampoo, conditioner and laundry soap.

~So I’m definitely not a dirty hippy~

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I only buy red or white cars because I can’t see the other colors and black cars are too hot in the summer.

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@Cupcake OH god I love homemade body products but I generally stick to sea salt olive oil and sometimes a few other things body scrubs. So delightful. Lately I’ve been making this brown sugar face scrub with lemon, also amazing and so refreshing and better than anything you can buy that would also be overpriced!!! Deodorant would be nice hmm.

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One time I didn’t poop for two weeks.

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I have been seeing technicolor images when I close my eyes periodically lately. Example: most recently I saw a girl with long brown hair at a dry erase board using a very bright peacock feather to erase the board, it wasn’t not working but it didn’t work very well.

I can’t remember when this started but I believe there is a connection to the hydromorphone they gave me while I was in the hospital in december. It made my tongue go into epileptic seizures.

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@deni I could go on without knowing that. :)

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I was raised Roman Catholic but for some strange reason I am drawn to Judaism

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@Adirondackwannabe Hey that wasn’t part of the question!

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Okay, that’s fair. My testicles hang one behind the other for speed.

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I was attached to my mother by two umbilical cords.

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@burntbonez That is just crazy!!! For real??? Tell us more please

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I am color blind.

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I wish I didn’t have to read quite so many books, so quickly.

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@Earthgirl You know, sometimes you get Siamese twins only one of the twins barely forms. I suppose there could be two umbilical cords in such a situation. There might be two of other things, as well. Some of which could be vestigial. Or internal and thus not visible to the naked eye.

As our friend Zensky always says, pics, or it didn’t happen.

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I have clubbed pinky toes. Tiny little things, curled up, with eensy weensy toenails.

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@wundayatta thanks for explaining. I have heard of vestigial organs and of twins inside people’s bodies from embryonic stage but somehow I never thought of the idea of 2 umbilical cords. I would think that is pretty strong evidence that you had a twin inside the womb that didn’t survive.

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