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Something you know how to do which is quite easy - yet is usually perceived as quite difficult?

Asked by zensky (13367points) February 16th, 2013

And would you walk us through it?

I don’t cook or bake very well. I try – and it’s okay, I guess. But I’m no top chef.

Notwithstanding, I do bake edible muffins. Guys: it’s easier than it looks. I, too, thought baking was terribly hard.

You don’t even need a mixer.

Ingredients and stuff you need:

Two large bowls: Mix the wet/dry ingredients separately.

Silicon muffin tray – trust me on this one.

In the dry bowl mix: 2 cups self-rising flour, one cup sugar

In the wet bowl mix 2 eggs a little then add one cup of milk and 100 grams of melted butter (zap it). Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Add the wet to the dry, stirring.

It’s ready. Add whatever you want – prunes, dates, raisins, chocolate chips, M&M’s, or my favourite: dried cranberries.

Tip: rub some canola oil in the silicon tray first and the muffins will slide out and cleaning is easier.

20–25 minutes – 200 degrees celcius (preheated – which means to turn on the oven while preparing so it is hot before you stick the tray in).

Check it after 18 minutes – every oven is different.

Stick a toothpick into the muffin to check it. It should look ready and brownish – but not burnt. If the toothpick is still moist – give it another few minutes…


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Calm down kids/babies. My girlfriend calls me the “Kid Whisperer”.

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Roller blading.

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I asked to walk us through how to do something. This is the idea for a practical thread, like my example – kid whisperer and rollerblader. DETAILS, anyone?

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@zensky It’s all in the voice. I use a calm voice.

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Sorry I didn’t post this in General.

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CNC machining. The exact details vary by material and what sort of cut you need to make, but most steels take the button cutter at 2000 RPM and can feed at 120–150 In/min with a 0.050” depth of cut while titanium and Inconel are 700 RPM and6–12 In/min. Aside from that, G1 for straight lines, G2 for cutting the outside of a circle, G3 for the inside, watch your Zs and radii, remember to compensate for tool diameter (use G41 as needed) and it’s pretty simple.

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@jerv Great. What?

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My hobby is doing large epoxy fiberglass projects. It’s easy. The sanding, grinding, shaping are real stress relievers, and a reason to stay away from the computer.

And sometimes I see God in the acetone fumes. No really. He’s in that can I swear.

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I use hot keys extensively. To those who don’t it kinda looks like magic. All this stuff is happening and I haven’t touched the mouse once.

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@zensky It’s just numbers on a computer screen telling a machine the size of a Mack truck how to cut a chunk of metal to tight tolerances as fast as possible without breaking itself or melting anything. Simple!

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I can tap step something thirties wearing little else other than a thong & a gormless grin.
It’s easy, all I need is a shit load of beer & a small but captive audience.

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Over the years I’ve gotten quite good at dealing with retailers and other kinds of companies— in person and by phone, email and written letter—to get my money back for products or services which are defective or I simply don’t like.

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How to Fight An Entire Army, On Your Own, And Win.

An army of fruit flies, that is.

When I was drinking heavily, I used to put the empty bottles back in the cases, and they would sit by the back door in the kitchen. When noticing a few fruit flies around, I didn’t do much, but eventually I decided to get rid of the bottles. Then the outbreak came. I looked up online to see how this happened and how I could deal with it, and apparently, getting rid of fruit flies is tough work. But I didn’t want to have to call an exterminator, so I tried it on my own.

The first thing to do is to educate oneself on the insect itself. Forget trying to kill them one by one. There are way too many, and while they look like clumsy fliers, fruit flies are far from clumsy. They can change their speed from near hovering to something that almost looks like they are teleporting.

Fruit flies are real Vikings. Even in the middle of Winter, (which, at the time, it was) they can survive as long as they stay indoors.

A fruit fly doesn’t live very long, about a month. The female can lay 400 eggs after one mating session, and new fruit flies appear only after a few days. Female fruit flies also store extra sperm from the male, so, basically, they only need to mate once or twice, but can lay eggs many more times than that. So this is why getting rid of them can be hard.

Where to find the eggs? Well, if you’re filthy, they can lay eggs in decaying matter, overripe fruit, or the accumulation of sugar and alcohol from beer or wine. They like moisture, so fruit flies in a clean home will evacuate in drains. That’s why they’re hardcore. Water goes down the drain all the time, but that doesn’t kill the eggs.

So by getting rid of the bottles, I pissed them off, and they were everywhere. I located where they would go, and attacked those places. I never let a single dish or cup sit on the counter, washed everything right away, and cleaned the counter and table like five times a day, with products. Same for the bathroom. Three times a day, I boiled water, and poured it down all drains; kitchen and bathroom sinks and the tub. (plenty of them hung around in the bathroom too)

But then you have to trap them. Sneaky buggers just won’t give up that easily. I made traps. Margarine containers in which I put just a little beer in, and then covered the container tightly with saranwrap. Then poke little holes on top with the tip of a knife. After attacking all their nesting and feeding places, the flies go nuts and desperate, and they easily took to the traps. Now the traps take a few days to work; these flies like rotten and spoiled stuff, so you have to give time for the beer in the traps to loop slightly. You can also substitute beer for wine, which is stronger and should act faster, or you can use fruit.

I had two traps, one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom. For some reason, the flies will go in, but they can’t come out. Or most of them anyway. I closely observed one fly that went in, crawled around and then flew back out. But most will end up drowning in the beer.

Warning; it gets pretty disgusting. Before you know it, there will literally be hundreds of fruit flies dead, floating in the beer. I checked on the traps every now and then, and accelerated the death by swishing around the beer in the container, and therefore drowning the live flies inside, which may have been crawling on the side of the container. I replaced both traps once.
Since it was Winter, I also made a sacrifice; I opened up all the windows. It was severely cold in my place, but the flies took a tremendous hit from this. The whole process took about seven days, and I beat the flies. Never saw them again.

Well, at least I thought it would have been hard to get rid of them, but if you’re vigilant, it’s no harder than keeping up a strict routine, which gets rather easy when it starts working. At first I think I even took a psychologically traumatic hit from this; everytime you eat, fruit flies come. Everytime you have a beer, three or four end up floating in it. They go on your TV screen, they come out of your towel or bath scrunchies, they hang around on walls…I was like, AAAAAAAHH. Lol. But when you see them beaten down, it encourages you a lot.

And I also know how to quickly pour a glass or mug of beer/other fizzy drinks without them fizzing over, ever. Being a waitress and a drinker teaches you this. However it would be way easier to show you how to do it than to explain it. But three important things; it depends on the type of glass it’s going in, and at what angle said glass is when you pour, and how fast/slow you pour it. Now everyone can do it slow, but doing it fast is something else.

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I love shrimp and hate to waste any of it. Here’s how to get ALL the meat out of the tail, which is covered by shell that can be unpleasant to chew. There is a small triangular bit of shell at the tail. Lift that to break it off. The tail meat will come right out.

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How to groom your cat.

Long hair brush everyday, if knotted, matted just work around the matting. You don’t have to cut it. Pet the cat simultaneously to get it comfortable with brushing. Stay on the back and head slowly after comfort and trust rises to more sensitive areas.

If greasy use cornstarch to comb through. To clean the eye boogers pet around the cats face until purring and content using both hands. Gently hold the back of the head up and use thumb stroking in a downward motion repeatedly until you get it all.

To cut nails. Cut your own first in front of the cat. Then take your cat pet hold and pet until purring content. If the cat is unfamilair with having feet touched just play with feet. Give treats for progress. When the cat starts trying to escape earnestly let it.

When you have built trust. Take finger nail cutters turning them on their side. Press finger into center of the pad of their feet.

It extends their claws. You will see a white claw further down you will see pink or brown pocket in the claw only cut the white part. Again use the clippers on their side. Reward good behavoir with treats.

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I play the piano. Some people find that difficult.

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@ucme By “captive audience” you mean tied up, right? :)

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How to Select and Cut a Pineapple

Developed this method through trial and error. I’ve cut up hundreds of pineapples in my life, some of which I grew myself!

-You want to choose one that has some yellow/red visible on it. Pineapples ripen after they’ve been picked, but they need to be beyond a certain ripeness threshold to begin with. Even better if it smells like pineapple.
-If it’s still mostly green on the outside, keep it on the countertop for a few days, sitting upright. You might want to place it on a mat or something soft, so the bottom doesn’t get bruised.
-It’s ripe when it is yellow over the majority of the skin. You can keep it uncut at this stage in the fridge for a few days, but it will go bad in there longer than 2–3 days.

-When you’re ready to cut it, use your sharpest knife. Dull knives lead to accidents. I’ve found a strong, serrated knife works best.
-Cut the green top off as close to the body as possible. (and if you live in the tropics, dry it off for a few days and then you can plant it!!!)
-Similarly, cut the bottom off as straight as possible. (This is where the pineapple grows attached to the plant, for those who’ve never seen one growing!)
-Now, you will have a cylinder of pineapple, with the skin still on. Set one face of the cylinder on your cutting board so the pineapple is standing up (and make sure your cutting board is well secured.)
-Slowly and carefully, cut the skin from the cylinder. The knife should always be parallel with the pineapple. Depending on the size of the knife, it will take about 8–12 strokes to do this. Be sure to go slowly so that you save as much fruit as possible.
-Discard the skin scraps and rinse/wipe the cutting board if there is lots of debris on there.
-Now, you should have a ‘naked’ cylinder of pineapple. Place that baby on its side, and cut the pineapple into wheels. 6–10 wheels, depending on the size of the pineapple and your preference.
-For each wheel, all you have to do is be sure to get the core out of the center. Cut the pineapple into whatever size chunks you’d like, but be sure to discard the core from each wheel. This is the stage where you can trim off any extra skin/spikes you might have missed.
-Huzzah! You now have many servings of a very healthful fruit, and you would have gotten ripped off if you had bought it cut up from the store.

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@AshLeigh Damn you!!!! Last time I rollerbladed I skinned my knee badly and it got infected. I have amazing macro pics of it if anyone is interested. Very cool.

@bookish1 Reminded me that I am extremely talented at picking fruit.

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@Dutchess_III If they’re into bondage then who am I to deny their attendance at such a spectacle.

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I find it quite easy and straightforward to read and understand Heidegger, where many others find him very difficult. But I maintain that pretty much anyone can just pick up and read Being & Time, given the right approach.

Three helpful tips: first, no matter how obscure a statement may seem, one ought to take Heidegger as always saying exactly what he means. Second, he repeats himself as he builds his case – his writing is cyclical. So if you don’t get what he means the first time he says something, trust that he will say it again in a way that makes more sense soon enough. Third, he has different, expanded concepts in mind when he uses familiar words. It’s really an entirely new vocabulary, and learning it is key to understanding his explanations.

Once you acquaint yourself with him, Heidegger is possibly the clearest writer in all of Western philosophy.

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Use a caulking gun. Nobody in the world but me knows how to do it.

Hint: don’t cut the tip off the caulk tube on an angle because doing that is stupid.

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How to learn really good French:
Fall in love with 2 Parisians to whom saying no is impossible.
(sorry mr. @zensky, I’m druthering, and it is in Social after all…)

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I can understand statistics. A lot of people think that is pretty hard, but really, it’s quite easy. It’s just a bunch of addition and division operations all put together. But in the end, it’s quite intuitive. People do statistics in their heads all the time, but aren’t aware they are doing it. It’s called intuition. And all it is taking everything you know (data), averaging it, and coming up with a trend line and using that to predict what will happen in this current situation, given it’s differences from other similar situations from the past. Really simple stuff. Babies do it.

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@bookish1 Or….just buy pineapple rings in a can!
It is so funny that you posted that. My husband got his daughter and her fiance a smoker grill for Christmas. I bought a whole pineapple, and printed off a recipe for grilled pineapple rings. My actual motivation for buying the pineapple was to give her fiance crap, like he’s always giving me! I wanted to be there when he tried to cut it up or at least have a video of it!

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I also just watched something on that, @bookish1 re. pinapples. That was a great answer and exactly what I was looking for. @dxs Do you think yours was? Wrong. I put a lot of thought into this one. Thanks for nothing. Go play the piano.

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^^^Did you get upon the wrong side of the bed? Why so hard on people not following your exact question? Or is this your day to be emperor?

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Both. However, I am King of Fluther.

I am rarely serious. Add ~s religiously, so to speak.

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Watch him and tremble, the King of Fluther! Fair and kind aye, a Clemence unheard of, a fine tactician, who pays back those mugged in his streets! A man who, should his kingdom topple, thou shalt see what sorrow looks to be! For he is a king who loves and cares…but he is strict. Strict and firm. Steal a goblet in the town square…io and boot a homeless man…all assholes fall ruthlessly at the hand of Zen…he is cruel because he cares. He is the leader you want, and need.

But what shall he do, when from the morning mists of the thirteenth sea, the she dog from the frozen lands comes forth to challenge him, in her dragon shaped ships?

can we have a party?

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Phasers on stun, wench.

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Ha! My extreme frostbite reflects allo dat. YAARR!!

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Snuck one of those time machines and whisked you over to here ha ha ha

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Ye thinks I’ve been had, av ye now? I live only to steal all pillows that exist!

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Let’s put it this way, then:
Your original question in the description: “And would you walk us through it?”
My answer: no

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Thanks. I look forward to your questions.

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I paint people. Not portraits actual people, they make great canvases. How do I do it? (to keep Zensky happy) Well my kids won’t let me paint them anymore so I usually have to tie them to a chair or borrow one of their friends to practice on.
Lots of practice, you tube for instructions and ideas, reference books, inspecting the work of other people painters usually at markets and fairs, having good paints and the right brushes, not drinking heavily before hand (we don’t want shakey lines now do we) and did I mention practice?
I got started a few years ago when I was asked to help out at the face painting stall at the school fete. It turned out the kids liked my faces better than the professional’s who I was helping out. Ha I had no idea I had that talent.

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