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So how good are radio station concert tickets?

Asked by cutiepi92 (2252points) February 16th, 2013

Sooooo I know last week I posted a question about concert tickets and the like. Through a series of crazy events I actually won tickets to the Beyonce concert (that I was willing to pay big bucks for) by calling in to a radio station! So here’s the thing. I won’t be able to get the tickets for a while since the concert is in July, and they didn’t state where the tickets are located. So my question is, are the tickets given out by radio stations usually good seats? I was thinking about buying tickets anyway just in case and then selling them, but I don’t know if it’s worth it.

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Ask them.

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They’re free…Right
Keyword: Free

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Usually they are pretty good seats.

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The radio stations usually get promo seats up front!

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I’ve gotten front row center from a radio contest. I mean lift your feet and put your toes on the stage.
But I had another friend that won tickets that had seats in “nose bleed area” up in the rafters. Call and ask.

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Whenever I or a friend has won radio station tix, we wind up in the nosebleed section.

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