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Did you ever wish you could be an absolute bastard and go out and grab whatever you wanted?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) February 16th, 2013

As asked. Why can’t I just say screw it and not be concerned with what happens to others?

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No, but I wish that what I wanted were easier to find.

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It’s the American Way, after all.

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Well, I want something so so so bad, but the risks are too high. How do I respond?

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Are the risks only to yourself (in terms of direct harm, or not being able to get what you want in the end), or would you necessarily harm others as well?

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No. I’m not at risk.

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I could be that and do that. But since I couldn’t also change “who I am”, I doubt that I could enjoy what I had taken in that manner.

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No, not really, because I know that just taking something would suck for whomever you were taking it from, either monetarily, or because they a worried because they don’t know what happened to their ___ (should they lock their door, call the police, get a gun?) or the thing you took might be necessary for someone, even though you might not necessarily know why (they need that medicine to live, they have sentimental attachment to that toy, they need that tool to make something else function properly, they need that food to avoid going hungry that day, that ring was the only thing they had left from their deceased spouse).

It would be nicer if we could all afford what we actually need like medical insurance, a home and food.

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Long answer: read this. Extremely short, sort-of-accurate summary: chosen habits that are structured by reason lead us towards being good at living life, and by this let us reach the ultimate aim of happiness. Taking this path requires that we develop things like responsible friendship and social legislation.

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Yes, I am working on it!

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Other than a marriage certificate for my parents, i’ve no fucking idea what you’re on about.

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Sorry jellies, had a moment when my small spoiled child came out. He’s back under control.

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@Adirondackwannabe You are suitably spanked by the Fluther community! Consider yourself warned! Now behave yourself for chrissakes!!!

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@Earthgirl Oh god, LMAO. You know how to put me in my place. I stand bowed before you.

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Oh contraire @Adirondackwannabe !!! I am a sympathizer, not a spanker! I like the idea of bowing though, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be bowed to! Lol

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I’ve learned how to do both. Guess what? It’s amazing both ways.

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Haha love where this is going! Both ways sounds good.

Seriously I think we probably would all like to let our inner bastard out every now and again, I haven’ t but I think about it. Feels good momentarily but then that damn conscience steps in and spoils my wild abandonment!

I am now in a place where I don’t put up with other peoples B shite, and speak my mind accordingly, not into playing games unless it’s fun.

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