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Will you need to watch this super short video twice?

Asked by ETpro (34600points) February 17th, 2013

Check it out. I think you’ll feel the need to watch twice. I did.

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I definitely had to watch it twice, and I gotta say, it made me giggle a bit since it is so random.

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I got it the first time but I had a supicion it was something like that.

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No, because I’ve seen it already.

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It’s a great demonstration, but somewhat misleading. This phenomenon is often presented as evidence for lack of awareness, when it’s actually demonstrating our ability to narrow or broaden our field of awareness.

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I think I win: I didn’t even feel the need to watch it once! ~

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The answer is 13. But….

(I’m not gonna spoil it that much).

Yes I’ve already seen this and no I didn’t have to watch it more than once – but you have to admit it’s a pretty good video for the message it puts across.

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I loved that. Amazing.

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They were talking about this on the radio recently – they did a similar test with radiologists looking for cancer cells and they put an image of an ape somewhere on the slide, but only a small percentage of them saw it. I wonder if the distraction had been a different color if more people would notice it.

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Got the 13. Got the bear. But did you see the naked cheerleader do the splits?

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I made absolutely no effort to even try to count the passes, AND I missed the bear. And possibly, the cheerleader.

Braindead to the end, as dumb as a sack of barnacles, aye she is, is what they used to say about me back when I sailed the high seas.


But actually, I wonder. They must have really done it on purpose to make it so most folk miss the bear. I mean think about it, if you’re watching a basketball game for real, and a bear actually does stroll by, and nobody else is around besides the players and watchers, would we really miss it?

The comercial’s intent is great; gotta watch out in the street. But it’s RIGGED. Like wrasslin’.

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Jimmy Martin streaked through the faculty 9th grade basketball game in 1975. You bet your naked ass we noticed.
He thought he would not be recognized although he was the only kid in school with a big ol’ Afro.

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I’ve seen this a dozen times before now, but when I first ever saw it I definitely had to watch it again. It was one of those mind=blown moments. xD

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No. Judging by all the earlier posts, there is nothing NSFW in that video. So, no. How disappointing @ETpro.~

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Missed it the first time, and could have kicked myself.

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@lici92 It made me giggle too, and that’s why I shared it.

@Judi Perhaps I was too heavy-handed in the tip-off.

@Michael_Huntington But did you get it the first time though?

@thorninmud Excellent point about what conclusion to draw. What it really teaches us is that when we say, “I was there, I saw the whole thing!” we are probably deluding ourselves.

@rebbel Win by not enjoying the challenge. What an interesting concept.

@SamandMax Good for you if you picked it up on first viewing.

@cockswain It is fun, isn’t it. Thought provoking, too.

@hearkat Fascinating. The patient presents no obvious signs of cancer, but does appear to need an immediate apeotomy.

@zensky Spoiler alert!...

I wasn’t going to even mention that.

@Symbeline I can’t swear to it, but I think in a real game, I’d see it.

@Judi You had a Jimmy Martin too? He was our class clown in the OFSHS class of 62. What is it with those Martin boys?

@lookingglassx3 Same here. Now it’s so obvious.

@mazingerz88 And what’s so tame about the “naked cheerleader do the splits” that @zensky noted. Caution, YMMV.

@augustlan Isn’t it a kick in the head?

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