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I have $1500 to spend on a dream computer what should I pick? (NSFW) (Details Inside)

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) February 17th, 2013

What would the best, and cheapest computer, and accessories (mouse, screen, headphones), for watching internet porn in Alberta, Canada? Also what provider is better Telus or Shaw Cable? I would like to purchase a computer with a money order…

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if internet porn is all you want to watch, you can pick the cheapest office PC you can find.

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Any PC can handle that. Even my old phone could do HD videos. I could make a decent gaming rig for about half that budget, yet it would still be over-spending for so un-demanding a task.

The only real challenge there is a good monitor; I use a 32” flatscreen TV.

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Geez, why dont you just buy a huge HD screen and rent porn? If you get porn on your pc, it doesnt matter how much you spend watch out for viruses.

No not STD’s. PC viruses. My brother had an amazing pc and apparently had the best antivirus he could find. He was addicted to porn, his first pc the hard drive failed rendering the pc useless.

He bought a better pc and apparently better antivirus, he has only had it for 1 year he has taken it in to be fixed twice.

Good luck with that. Buy a big screen HD TV, rent the movies.

The first 3 are under your price range and you could probably buy a blue ray and a few blue ray pornos and feel like your right in the same room lol

Or if you have this type of tv you just need HD cables and a PC tower hook the tower to the tv, its the same thing, I had my tower connected to my 55” tv cuz my monitor broke. Acer tower will work fine, you probably want a pc that is 8gig or higher is a nice pc.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl That is why you do your porn-surfing on a Linux box :p

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Ok! Get a Linux box! Lol.

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What else, an Apple of course. It has a secret feature that when activated renders one’s projected spermatozoa invisible in less than five minutes. Wait…sperm does that anyway right? Ugh, I got suckered by that sombitch Apple genius!

PC. Actually stands for Porn Console.

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My Kindle Fire easily serves that purpose, for about $100. No need to drop $1500 on a computer just for porn. If you do, I’d go with a Mac – no viruses, and (I think) superior to a PC.

This question reminds me of a joke, “They say that 70% of the Internet is porn. Do you know what that means? There’s 30% if the Internet I’ve never even seen.” Ba dum tss!

Kudos for being willing to admit that you use the Internet primarily for porn on a public forum. I’m not sure I’d be so honest if that were the case for me. :)

@mazingerz88 That reminds me of another joke! It’s actually from a YouTube prank call to Apple. “Look at Steve Jobs. He used Apple products and look what happened to him, he fucking died – of PC!” Pancreatic cancer, for those who don’t know.

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And he went to hell, too, because he could not get past the Gates.

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@livelaughlove21 I said it before and I’ll say it again; most of the strengths of OS X are shared by Linux at less than ¼ thepprice. Macs are no more reliable, the UI is skinnable (Mac4Lin), they both have the same UNIX-oid base… but you can’t get a Mac for under a grand. The Mac Mini doesn’t count since it’s basically an iPad connected to a monitor, not a real computer.

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@jerv I believe the OP said the budget was $1500 for a “dream computer”. I’ve used a computer with Linux and I’m sure it’s just as useful, but it’s no dream.

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@livelaughlove21 Neither is any Mac under $2500; you have to pay that much to get the same gaming-quality graphics I have in my $700 PC. Now, if we had a budget of $5000, the Mac Pro is decent and actually cost-competitive,but at the lower price points, Apple can’t compete as well.

I guess it depends on your needs, but I need what Apple can’t offer; gaming rigs with 32” screens for under a grand. I had enough left over for a flatscreen TV to use as a monitor.

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@jerv Well I’m sure you’re right. I couldn’t care less about gaming, so my $1500 Mac suits my needs and more.

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@livelaughlove21 It’s your computer, so it has to make you happy, not me :)

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@ragingloli, Jobs couldn’t get through the Gates because he thought their design wasn’t cool enough.

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Make sure its got everything that you want it to do or at least the capibilities to expand.

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Update I purchased a corei5 laptop and things are fine.

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