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How well does Time Capsule work for watching movies?

Asked by b (1873points) June 11th, 2008

I am thinking of getting a TC to store my media (and take advantage of my MBP’s 802.11n card). Has anyone moved their movie collection to a TC and tried to watch them via wireless? How well did it perform? According to the specs it should work, but I was hoping to hear about some real world experiences.

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i wached a divx file fine, but i haven’t done extensive testing.

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Excellent, thanks.

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That is my current setup. I store all of my movies on my TC and I use Connect360 to play them through my Xbox 360. Everything has worked great since the updated connect360 software. I do have to open the TC in finder first to allow the TC to spin up and allow the directory to be noticed in the software, and I use the free software Caffeine to keep my computer from going to sleep, which would cause an interrupt in the connection. I have never had any problems running videos. The X360 is wired to ethernet to the TC and my MBP is connected wirelessly if that helps.

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