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Is anyone familair with vegan cuisine in downtown Seattle?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) February 17th, 2013

Going to be headed to Seattle and I am planning in advance my menu. So if there are any sites that rate vegan or allergy friendly food in the downtown Seattle area, think space needle, Pike’s Place market area, I will be spending most of my time in the Central Business District.

Any experience you have or suggestions, I would be grateful if you shared.

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That depends on how strictly you define “downtown”. I find better eats in Fremont, Ballard, Greenwood, and the U-district; all short bus rides away.

Seattle has plenty of specialty eateries though; vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free bakeries… the Essential Bakery Cafe, for instance.

Also, Pike’s itself is rather odd geographically. I’ve been here 4 years and still find new nooks every time I go. Come to think of it, so is Seattle in general; aside from Pike’s and the ID, there isn’t much actually downtown, so exploring is practically mandatory to find the good (non-tourist-trap chain) stuff.

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I’m unfamiliar with Seattle, but you can find a whole list of Vegan an Vegan Friendly restaurants on Happy Cow.

The only 2 that I am familiar with are the Veggie Grill and The Loving Hut. Both are chain restaurants, so they have restaurants in southern California. Both of them are terrific and have a lot of options.

The Veggie Grill has salads and sandwiches and Bistro-style food, and the most wonderful watermelon fresh drink ever! Last time I was there, about a month ago, I had this fake steak sandwich with a fake bleu cheese dressing made with tahini. OMG!

The Loving Hut is fabulous vegan Asian-style food. I’ve had several excellent appetizers and several different huge soup bowls, one of which was like a vegan version of Pho. Yummy!

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@jerv That is true, I forget they have a decent bus system there. Only I have no idea how to use it. I had heard about Essential Bakery but when I went to the website they didn’t have an address just drop off places and special order forms so I was thinking they didn’t have an actual shop?

@Kardamom Thanks I am looking at the Happy cow now. Nice reference!

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Seek and ye shall find

Wallingford is an interesting neighborhood. Essential Bakery has a cafe on 34th and Woodlawn, and the 26 (which you can pick up 2 blocks North on 3rd, along with just about any other bus to/from downtown) will take you there via Fremont. Fremont is also interesting with it’s Lenin statue and has a similar Bohemian feel to it. About 10 blocks North, you have things like Archie McPhee, and the Kuan Yin teahouse

Alternatively, the 71 will take you from 5th and Pine to the U-district with Wayward Vegan Cafe (not to be confused with the geek/steampunk-friendly Wayward coffeehouse), Chacao Canyon who do vegan and raw foods, and many more eateries for practically all tastes. That doesn’t even get into those that are only partially vegan, like most Indian places.

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@jerv Sweet! bookmarked and by the way the tea parlor looked lovely. I am a tea nut!

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There is also a little tea store near the South end of Pike’s place; it is a store, but one that offers free samples. You sit there for a bit and get poured sample after sample after sample. They are a bit pushy as they try to sell you their wares, but if you want a cheap way to sample many things and maybe pick up something you like…

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Lol I will take note and stop by, and I won’t be pressured if I don’t want to be : )

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