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Can anyone recommend a job suited for a istp/isfp introverted person?

Asked by mjm8401 (170points) February 18th, 2013

I’m a introverted person and need a job just to get by with. All the google results recomend careers that require schooling. That is all fine but I need money in order to go back to school. I am good with my hands, hate small talk, and people hovering over me while I am trying to work. Can anyone recomend something realistic? Please don’t say janitor..

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Do you have any particular skills, qualifications? Where do you live / where are you willing to relocate to, to work? Based on what you wrote so far the first thing that comes to my mind is a career in forestry -
I would suspect working in the wilderness, in general, could give you the tranquility you say you need.

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Make jewelry. Make furniture. These are things you could get training in, or you could just do it yourself. You could also be a farmer, if you have access to land. Or a vertical farmer, if you don’t have access to land. Just look at the assets you have and the opportunities you have and mix that together with your talents and interests. We really don’t know anything about you, and telling us your personality type just isn’t enough to really get you good advice.

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Are you good with computers? Working at a computer repair place isn’t too bad. Yea you have to deal with people every now and then but for the most part you’re on your own working on stuff.

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What are your interests? What is your level of education? What have you done in life? What do you enjoy doing? Think along these lines and you’ll get closer to what kind of work you should be doing.

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Assuming you are out of high school they have apprenticeship programs for painting, carpentry, plumbing and electrical. They are quite handy skills to have and you end up with a finished project.

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I would caution you regarding the trades mentioned by @rosehips and for that matter most construction trades that require you to be present on a jobsite. While they are all worthwhile professions, you do have to deal with people, (owners, contractors, other subcontractors, other employees and your own supervisor/crew chief), on a constant day-to-day basis and, at from my observation, it can be pretty intense, very hands-on (and many times loud) supervision; you will be low-man-on-the-totem-pole and, at least in the plumbing trade, you will quickly learn that shit don’t flow uphill.

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Good point @rojo on the job training requires a lot of communication and continues…

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