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Given the opportunity, what TV show would you produce?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18976points) February 18th, 2013

Humor here is most welcome of course but on the serious side, what kind of TV show would you produce with the aim of creating better TV. A recent study apparently came out with results that kids would benefit much if exposed to better TV programming.

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I would produce a couple of documentaries that I have had brewing around in the back of my head for awhile.

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We need a next-generation science show.

There was Bill Nye the Science Guy in the 80s, I watched Beakman’s World in the early 90s. Animal shows dominated the late 90s with Going Wild with Jeff Corwin and the Crocodile Hunter… but there’s nothing right now.

I would love to be a part of the next Nye-esque show.

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I would produce a series of shows during which nothing happened. Each show in the series would display one suggestion on the screen such as:

“Read a Book”
“Take a long walk”
“Play with your kids”
“Make love with your spouse or s/o”
“Write a poem”

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I would find every single person who was involved in Carnivale and pay them to drop whatever they’re doing to come back and finish the show.

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A new Star Trek Series, one that either completely ignores the JJ Abrams movies, or undoes them in the first arc.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room So basically, Big Brother

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I would do a show about some less well known participatory arts organizations.

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Mork and Mindy – Na-Nu Na-Nu. Gary Marshall producer. Jonathan Winters as Mearth.

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“Fluthering By Nightlight” An adult dramedy about a jelly named Filmfann and his sex-hungry wife Natalie Portman. He tries to contribute as much as humanly possible to the many questions the world has, but is constantly called away to satisfy his wife’s insatiable needs.

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“Masturbating with Natalie.” See above, except that it’s got a Seinfeldian twist about being master of your own domain. They must masturbate together, but not touch each other. A different jelly each night must attempt to retain domain masterdom.

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@ragingloli I kind of like the new look to Star Trek, would keep the cast JJ Abrams is using if I had to redo Star Trek.

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@wundayatta I think auggie already won the contest for domain masterdom. And I hear she has a whip, so I’m not about to argue.

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An inside look at different artist, writer, creator each episode.

Or a next gen Bob Ross… But who would replace him? There might have to be broadcast audition process.

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One of the nature documentaries such as “Blue Planet” and such. Actually, I would rather be the one doing the filming than the one stuck in the booth trying to cut and splice.

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It would be my own. Kind of like a vegetarian version of Diner’s Drive-ins and Dives, only me and my best friend would tour the country in a motorhome (instead of a corvette) and we would ferret out vegetarian food, even in little podunk towns where most people would run in fear of seeing quinoa or tofu. My aim would not be to shame those people, but to show everyone that is is possible to eat vegetarian food just about anywhere in the good old US of A. We would find everything from haute cuisine to hippie co-ops to mom and pop diners to Buddhist temples.

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Are there Buddhist temples in America?

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@rosehips Yes, they’re all over the USA! There’s a bunch of them in Orange County CA, where I live: Buddhist Temples

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Oh that is awesome. None here that I am aware of. But you’d never make it here regardless with your show.

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As @burntbonez said, there are tons in Alaska, too.

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@rosehips, you mean people don’t like tofu moose burgers up there? ; P

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@burntbonez I missed your post sorry.

@wundayatta Not quite tons but turns out one in my area, though upon research it is less then architectural temple as a group of people who borrow a Unitarian building on the weekdays.

@Kardamom Lol… not to say we don’t have vegans here. But those who eat and love moose and are proud of it take a strong stance against tofu.To them tofu represents a shunning of the balance of nature. The omnivore side dismissed and curtailed. The respect for hunting for nature for what the earth offers turned into an eggshell dance. A fear and a loss of self.

Off the top of my head I can think of one cafe that is flexitarian in town and those that frequent it are the “liberal college students.”

But if you wanted to come up and start a cafe I’m sure there would be a crowd of people waiting to be able to safely eat out and have their diet respected : )

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@rosehips Are you looking for a Temple (the building) or a temple (the gathering)?

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I have an appreciation for architecture. Spiritual temples usually follow a specific formula. Though provencally small changes occur and certain architects have signatures. Then take into consideration evolution of time.

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Mini-skirts-PI, Calculus without numbers. The code to the adult lock on Mini-skirts-Pi, is a ever increasing math problem.

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I would produce a show of the tales of two teenaged runaway prostitutes, on how one crawls out of her situation with real-world solutions, and what happens to the other who tries to solve it with booze and drugs.

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I would watch that @Hypocrisy_Central. :)

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