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Does anyone like when a salad has big pieces or a wedge of lettuce?

Asked by JLeslie (54508points) February 18th, 2013

I usually have to cut up my salad into smaller pieces when I am served one in a restaurant. I see people just eat them as served and honestly I don’t get it. Doesn’t everyone prefer a salad chopped up?

How about you? Do you want your salad chopped? Why or why not?

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I love those big pieces of lettuce. So crispy!

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@FutureMemory You don’t have trouble getting them in your mouth?

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I know there are salads which are specifically “iceburg wedge” and are supposed to be a big chunk of iceberg, but other than that, I feel like the cooks are being lazy when they throw huge pieces of lettuce in the bowl.

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I hate it. I always have to cut mine up. I can see that a wedge has some presentation appeal, but it’s such a pain in the ass to eat, it’s not worth it.

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I love wedge salads because a lot of the leaves are the sweet, tender insides of the iceberg rather than the chopped-up fibrous outside leaves you get in most restaurant salads. Plus you can drizzle or crumble the bleu cheese down the nooks and crannies in the side of the wedge, then cut the sucker open and have at it.

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I find it rather bothersome. I prefer similar consistencies in my veggie salads (regarding size).

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I like big chunks of lettuce when I am alone or with family,otherwise I would rather have a chopped up salad. I don’t mind being messy in front of the people I love, but being messy in front of aquaintances is not ok with me. So I like the taste better, but not the messiness when trying to put it in my mouth and getting dressing all over the sides of my mouth.

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I don’t like it because I don’t eat iceberg lettuce. Iceberg lettuce is the white bread of salad ingredients.

Sometimes I get a salad made with whole romaine leaves, and I have to slice it. No big deal, but salad greens should be torn not sliced.

Iceberg wedge salads are some retro 1950s attempt at having greens. That’s not a salad.

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@zenvelo They should be torn so they don’t brown, but if you are going to eat it right away it is ok to chop.

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I do, I do—especially when it’s slathered with blue cheese dressing and I have a big knife! Yum!

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Now I’m hungry LOL.

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I don’t mind as long as I have a knife. Oddly enough though I have a pet peeve about the stems, I would rather not eat them and either give them to my cat or a dog or bird I am watching or save them for pico de gallo. In a restaurant or in someone’s house I will eat them however.

This may have to do with kale stems being so bitter I am naturally suspicious of them.

@wildpotato and @Pachyderm_In_The_Room That sounds really good. Too bad there is no cheese alternative that is tasty and healthy.

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I cut mine up really small. Don’t mind a wedge, because you’re supposed to have to cut that up, but I hate when a regular salad comes with big pieces of anything. A related pet peeve is when restaurants serve a big salad on a little plate instead of in a bowl (my preference) or at least on a bigger plate. Sure to make a big mess with it while I’m cutting it up. :/

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I love the answers so far. I really had no idea some people actually prefer big pieces of lettuce. Did it wind up that women want it cut up and men are mixed in their answers? My husband prefers it chopped up.

@augustlan Good point. I hate when any type of food easily spills over the side of the plate or bowl. I am fine with salad in a shallow/salad bowl, but a deep bowl it is difficult to cut it if I need to. I also have a pet peeve of food that most definitely needs to be cut like chicken breast or a piece of meat being served in any type of bowl, because the angle is wrong to use your knife. I have a bunch of pet peeves about how food is served. That will be my next Q. Thanks for the idea.

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I also prefer bigger pieces of lettuce. Not so big that it’s messy to eat it, but I prefer them to be bigger rather than small/cut up. Like, I bought one of those pre-made salad mixes and it had a pretty big wedge of iceberg in it and I have to agree with @FutureMemory about the crispiness. As for an actual “wedge salad”, I just Googled that…weirdest thing I’ve ever seen… :P

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@rosehips healthy cannot compete with tasty blue cheeseā€¦ but what is your health concern with blue cheese?

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@rosehips You could try it with an aioli or rouille.

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@JLeslie I guess putting big things in my mouth just comes naturally to me.

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@wildpotato Thank you for the suggestion love making my own dips. The rouille looks perfect.

@Adagio Allergic to casein, possibly goat’s though admittedly I haven’t tried it in a while. Mold and penicillin..Lol No I am not allergic or intolerant to everything.

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One of my favorite salads is Caesar and it’s often served with whole Romaine lettuce leaves. You eat it with a fork and knife.

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Each lettuce piece should be about the size of a checkerboard square. Each vegetable piece should be a cube the size of a pea. If I wanted large chunks, I’d eat raw vegetables to begin with.

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I like a wedge of lettuce, and may the foodies forgive me, but I like iceberg. Drizzle the dressing on it and tomato wedges, etc. on the side. Yes I have to cut it but that is the way I like it best.

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I like iceberg lettuce, too. :)

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We are probably destined for malnutrition!

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Who the hell invented the iceberg wedge???? That ain’t no salad. It’s like giving you half a grapefruit on a plate and calling it a fruit salad.

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@rosehips—health be danged, at least in this case. Nothing else makes tasteless lettuce quite as tasty as artery-clogging blue cheese. ;-)

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@bookish1, it’s called marketing—something I know a bit about. ;-)

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