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What software directory would you recommend me ?

Asked by tomygreen (12points) February 19th, 2013

I am looking for some free software directories where I can safely download software. Recently I saw www.softfinder.com, does anybody has an account here?

Would you recommend it for me ?

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No, it’s spambait.

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Judging by the website, I reckon it would be much better for you to use reputable forums for recommendations to software that you might find useful.
You could try bleepingcomputer.com and giveawayoftheday.com who give away one particular program away, every day, for free – which would usually involve paying for that software if it weren’t for them handing it out. It is a legitimate website.
Generally better to go hunting for recommendations than visiting places like download.com, cnet. or others where you can end up getting all manner of stuff you don’t want before you actually get something you are looking for.

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The site isn’t bad, but looks like we’ve got a SpamJelly here .

New user, first question is a non-question spam post with a link? Flag time!

Also…ahem….OBL’s on Fluther are NoFollow.

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