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Do you have a problem with your age?

Asked by lici92 (261points) February 19th, 2013

Today in my (college) history class a girl asked a question and the instructor asked her what year she was born to prove something. When she answered 1994 there was like a roaring of sighs, awes, and “oh my gosh, I am old!”. I was born in 1992, so I didn’t get it, but it seemed as though the whole room shuttered with the fact that they were older than this girl by quite a bit.

So, does your age bother you? If so, when did it start to “haunt” you?

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My age is fine. My inner child is stuck at 12. And I like that just fine, although he can get a little testy at times.

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My age is fine – I’m just worried that I might not have enough years left for all the fun I want to have.

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@lici92 You’ll also figure out when you get older that there’s just one way to not get any older, and I enjoy life too much for that to be attractive.

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I was born in 1954, you do the math.

Having said that, my internal mind age is around 35–40.

So mentally I feel like I am 35, even though I ache in some places.

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No problem with my age!

For those gasps and sighs, older people are just jealous!
Personally, I think youth never really goes away.. Everyone has that inner “youth” spark somewhere.

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I’m ok with my age.

I have a problem with “shuttered” instead of shuddered.

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No. Why should I, considering the alternative? To waste a single second of the precious ones that I have left wishing for impossible things seems benighted, or if you prefer, just plain stupid.

My knees feel 90, but they are balanced out by my brain, which feels about 45.

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Oops. Sorry about that, @zensky . Thanks for the correction.

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I’m turning 39 this year. I hate it only because sometimes I think I should be more successful and more adept at navigating this ridiculous existence.

I think it helps that I look 29 (or younger) more than 39, but it still doesn’t make up for the fact that I feel closer to being a teenager than I do an adult.

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No problem. I guess I was showing my age there, eh?!! Cranky old gramps.

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I can’t say that I’m uncomfortable about my chronological age. I do regret that a few bad decisions, made nearly 25 years ago, put me on a very wrong path in life. For various reasons, I’ve been unable (unwilling might be more accurate) to make drastic changes and alter the course of that path. I feel as if I’ve wasted many precious years—young, healthy years—that I can never get back again. Although I’m solidly into middle age, I’m still waiting for my adult life to begin.

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@SadieMartinPaul: It’s never too late. Start right one…(firing starter’s pistol).

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Not at all…I love being my age, I just don’t love the aging related body breakdown stuff that has been showing up lately. Grrr!

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@gailcalled I wish it were that simple!

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No, I have come to terms with it. I don’t have a problem with my age, I have problems related to age however.

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@SadieMartinPaul: It won’t be any simpler five or ten years from now when you are even older. A journey starts with the first step.

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Bother? What is supposed to bother me? I like my experience. I’d prefer to be a bit more agile and strong, but I wouldn’t trade in my wisdom for a young body.

It’s the aches and pains that usually come with age that bother me. As they will bother you, should you be lucky enough to get to my age. And you might have a problem with reduced libido, too. That’s pretty common at my age. Not a problem for me, though.

I think young people might have more of a problem with their age because no one takes them very seriously because they don’t know very much.

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The only think I don’t like about my age is that I am now invisible to women under 50 (I am 57). Other than that, I am fine with my age.

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@zenvelo But just think – you look darn good to a 62 year old!

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Not yet, but I am only 21. I imagine it will happen some year…

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@gailcalled Not always. But, I don’t want to discuss the very personal and sensitive matters that leave me where I am. Thanks for caring, though.

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I turned 70 on my birthday last month and I was really surprised. I always thought 70 was really old, but here I am feeling the same as I did at 50. I’m thinking of dyeing my hair to see if I look younger. The only problem is that I love the color it is now, a beautiful silver.

Some of you might remember a few years ago, when I lost most of my hair due to a bad reaction to some medication. It took me several months to get used to being mostly bald, but it all grew back.

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All I will say is I don’t have a problem with my health for which I am glad.

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Every day, I take my age, post it on the wall, and use it for target practice. That’s what I feel about my age!

And it works! My age is so scared, it is growing younger!

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It doesn’t bother me. I don’t broadcast it but I will tell people I know. Invariably they are surprised because I look younger than I am. I often forget exactly how old I am and on a few occasions I have said I am a year older than I am and my husband has corrected me. It’s just a number. The increasing effects of age bother me, but not the number itself.

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@wundayatta Tee hee! You know, I never get sick. That’s because germs don’t bother with me. They’re scared of me. They won’t even try. Take that, you wimpy germs, you.

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I’m thrilled to be my age—I would love the body I had at 20, but not the mentality, insecurities and all. My only disappointment is that I lost too many years being insecure and worried about pleasing others. I don’t dwell on it—the thought comes up from time to time, I feel bad, pull myself up then move on! Pffth.

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@linguaphile Yeah, the trade offs. Once we finally become more enlightened and slog through the un-wonder years, the ol’ bod starts
I like the saying that ” what we lose in form we gain in wisdom.”
Aaah, to be wise and not have the old bones snap,crackle, popping.

I am quite wise these days but all that wisdom is housed in a head that is attached to a degenerating neck. haha

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@SadieMartinPaul I’ve heard that germs don’t bother with Keith Richards, because they’re afraid of catching something from him. ;-O

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@Brian1946 Yeah, like being so stoned on Heroin they could not reproduce in their stupor. lolol

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Meh, I work with the elderly, I deal with a lot of death and sickness.

I try to balance it out, but if I would have to guess I find it much harder to be young then old.

Some things change you. Nevertheless I know where my inner child lurks and I let her out to play.

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It makes me feel a little old to think someone born in 1994 is an adult now, in college. I was born in 1989, so I’m still young, but I think of people born in the mid-90’s as kids. It seems like they’re aging faster than I am.

I have no issue with my age though. I’d argue most 23-year-olds don’t.

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I have no problem with it. I don’t usually think about how old I am.

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I’m only 17 right now, but I don’t think my age will ever bother me.

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A weird thing happened a year or so ago when I was about 68. I suddenly got facial wrinkles. Before that, I only had some nice smile lines. God dammit, now I have to go get cosmetic surgery. And I was saving up for a new roof! Well, let it leak.

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I don’t have a problem with my age (62). Age happens and it is natural. I consider myself lucky just to be here.

Any way I must say that I was surprised to hear that a young man (very mature for his age) where I work is only 18 years old. HA! It was 18 years ago I started working at my present job. To me that doesn’t seem so long but to him it was a lifetime. I envy him. He is very intelligent and has so much life ahead of him.

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I just turned 68 and I don’t like the sound of that number but my life hasn’t really changed that much from when I was much younger. I still ride my yamaha all over, I run 3 or 4 times a week. I play tennis with groups 20 years younger and can still make them look slow. I was always absent minded and that certainly is not improving with age but I do the devilishly hard sudoku everyday to keep the brain functioning. As @gailcalled said, it sure beats the alternative.

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@rooeytoo : I said that? Where? When?

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@gailcalled in your first answer you said “No. Why should I, considering the alternative?”

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^^^ A bad joke about senlle dementia… hard to understand for someone who is not yet twenty, if memory holds.

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The only thing that bothers me about my age is that I’m 10–15 years older than I look (I’m 46, most people guess my age at 30–35) which, while it is sometimes flattering, it often leads me to be not taken as seriously as I might otherwise be. It’s the trans-man’s curse, apparently. Lack of testosterone during first-puberty.

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Yes, I have a problem with my age. I prefer odd numbers. I’m 42.

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I don’t have a problem with my age, per se. I’m 18, and I don’t mind being 18, but I just don’t really feel 18. I look significantly older, for starters (the average guess is 22–23), and I have always been much more mature than most people my age. I feel that at as soon as people find out my age, I’m not taken as seriously, so I try not to mention it in more professional settings. And I tend to be more drawn to older men than guys my age simply because I feel more on a similar level with them, which is problematic for fairly obvious reasons. Being 18 doesn’t really bother me as a whole, it’s just that being so young holds me back from certain things in life.

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Every day at work, I card people. The current generation of 21-year-olds looks about 12 to me. (And I’m not that much older than them! I’m 25. Does it happen that fast?)

When I was younger, I felt more mature than the people around me, like an old soul in a young body. Looking back, I was just an arrogant young person with a chip on my shoulder. Having a lot of life experiences for someone your age doesn’t mean you have the perspective or maturity to learn from it. Nowadays, I’m still working on that, but nowhere near there.

OTOH, I still feel out of sync with people my age. There are people my age who duckface on facebook and wear jeans with heels to bars every weekend. It’s like, are you from a different planet?

The best, most insightful conversation I’ve had recently was with someone who is 40. (He probably felt like he was babysitting, though. Who knows?)

What I can’t wait for is being better and smarter, years from now. It’s really annoying to not be able to adequately share the things I see and feel, through writing, drawing, conversation, etc. I hate not being strong or competent enough to handle things life throws at me, or not having the judgment to make the right decisions. There’s this phrase, “The life so short/ the craft so long to learn.” Craftsmanship is something people talk about in terms of writing or art, but you can apply it to any part of life. In time, with practice, I want to learn better craftsmanship.

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@janbb <<<You know he isn’t me, eh?

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yes….probably around 38

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