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Something incredibly brilliant you saw/heard/experienced/said today?

Asked by zensky (13357points) February 19th, 2013

You want details?

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I don’t know about brilliant but…in my ongoing research of out of the country retirement spots I discovered that the number #1 safest country in the world is considered to be Canada.
Okay….nothing mind blowing there, BUT…did you know that the 2nd safest country is Nicaragua!!!!!
I was blown away!

Now the question is can I trade Coyotes, Cougars and Raccoons for Jaguars, Horn Bills and Howler Monkeys as the local wildlife menu?
Why not?.
Only other drawback is the human bot fly. haha
Hey…surviving the tropical bot fly, could be part of my memoirs along with finding that Jaguar in my Mango tree. :-D

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I had an incredibly energized conversation with a colleague. Among the outcomes of the conversation, we relabeled a perceived drain on a project a “gravitational pull.” We then decided this gravitational pull was a “bright sun, not a black hole.” This change in perspective has turned the project around.

Without details (which would bore you), I know that sounds “meh.” It was energized and energizing. Apart from that, I had some incredibly brilliant Mexican food for lunch today.

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I finished my taxes today! I think I’m brilliant!

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I read a thing on Facebook (which I can’t move over to here) about a little teeny supercapacitor they’ve been able to make out of graphite and biodegradable plastic, looks like a little piece of film, would run a lightbulb for years or a toaster for… you know, a long time, a Prius for…. okay, an hour, but you could make a great big one and you can recharge them in minutes; costs almost nothing, and can be composted.

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Prince Phillip’s latest offering

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Dolphins call each other by name

Apparently, each dolphin comes up with a whistle by which it refers to itself, and other dolphins use that whistle to find them when they are separated.

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I saw and heard a large flock of snow geese this morning. They landed in the field on our property this time last year. This year they chose a field two miles from our house. It’s an amazing experience to see and hear so many of them together at once.

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A silly but surprisingly effective picture that’s been making the rounds on FB.

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