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[SFW] How many inches is yours? And can you grip it with one hand? Question about smartphone screen sizes.

Asked by rebbel (25207points) February 19th, 2013

Screens of smartphones are getting bigger with each new model.
Currently my phone sports a 4 inch screen, but my contract is almost finished, and the new phone that I am considering leasing has a 5 inch screen.
My question: what size is your phone’s screen, and can you grip it easily and/or reach the whole screen?
Are you male or female (or, are your hands normal sized, small, or big)?

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What is “inches”?

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I have mine hooked up to a 52 inch screen, it is massive. I need 2 strong friends just to help me carry it from place to place.

I have also got a foam cover for it to add to the girth, and it has a piercing on the end for added pleasure.

Actually, I don’t have a mobile phone.

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I have a small screen. Maybe 3 inches. It’s several years old. I’m thinking of getting a new one. Almost got one, but got gypped out of it by the fine print. Still, got a discount on my service, so that’s good.

Anyway, just have to decide what to get. Maybe a Nexus 4.

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My Samsung Galaxy S3 has a big 4.8 but is extremely easy to hold in one hand thanks to the very smooth, curved body design.

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Sounds suspiciously like sexting?

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Galaxy Note 2 – 5.5 inches. I can grip it easily, but I can’t reach every part of the screen with my thumb. Note: even when I had tiny phones I always used two hands. It’s the perfect size.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy too. I would have to go and find it to measure it but it fits comfortably in my hand around the narrowest part. It would be a stretch lengthways. I have small hands and am female.

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I have the iPhone 5, so the screen isn’t very big. Had they made it any larger, I’d have stayed with the 4… it fits easily in my front pocket (I hate pocketbooks) and I can hold it comfortably and securely in one hand (my hands are pretty small). If I’m doing something that warrants a larger screen, I switch to a device with a larger screen. For me “mobile” is the key word of a mobile smartphone.

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I have a Droid Razr HD with a 4.7” screen. I find it a little small in my hands unless I hold it in Landscape mode, but about the right size for my pockets. Reaching all over the screen is easy for me even when held one-handed, though I usually hold it in my left and poke the screen with my right.

I am a guy, and my hands are a little large, but not huge. Then again, at 6’0”, I am slightly larger than normal overall.

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I am with @hearkat except I am still on iphone 4. My contract is up in June and I might get an iphone 5 or I might wait for a while and see what else Apple comes up with.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Mini. I don’t know exactly how big it is and I have nothing to hand to measure it with, but it’s just the right size for me to hold in one hand, and I can sweep the whole screen with my thumb. And I have fairly small hands (for a guy). On the other hand I often find the screen is too small to read, especially when I’m browsing the web, and I think my next phone will have a screen that’s considerably bigger.

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Thanks, Jellies!
I think I am (almost) convinced now that my hands (being a 6 feet 5 tall guy I guess my hands are big enough) can handle a big screen, so I might indeed opt for the 5 inch phone.

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