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Who hacked the Burger King Twitter account?

Asked by Strauss (20325points) February 19th, 2013

According to this article, the Twitter account for Burger King was hacked. I guess “Whopper123” wasn’t a very secure password. I also heard the actual perpetrator was the Hamburglar.

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I heard it earlier attributed to Anonymous, but your article says otherwise and it doesn’t sound much like Anonymous. I almost wish I had Twitter so I didn’t miss it.

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Police are looking for 2 prime suspects ;¬}

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It very well could have been these guys. They have a Twitter account, for one thing.

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This is the culprit. He was the Burger King mascot for years, but got dumped because he was so scary looking. He was looking for revenge.

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Maybe it was the Chinese. I heard they have been hacking Apple. Maybe they are trying to create an all beef iPaddy.

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I have a massive aversion to calling password guessing “hacking”, because it really is not.

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Hacking is coughing. Tweeting is for birds.

Let’s have a metaphor-free zone!

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