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If you were a force-sensitive in the Star Wars universe where would you align yourself?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34455points) February 19th, 2013


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I would take my place at LORD VADER’s side!

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I’d stay out of it and keep my head down.

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Leader of the Rebel Alliance

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I can’t only guess at the meaning of that arrangement of words.

I’d be a writer, and I’d write more clearly. Why? For comprehension.

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@CWOTUS What isn’t clear about my question?

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What is a “force-sensitive”?

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I’m a boy scout, so I would steer clear of the dark side.
In the Harry Potter world, I am in Griffindor.
I just don’t see the attraction of working for evil.

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@filmfann Oh I do. Heh heh.

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I would be considered a Dark Jedi.I would still do nice things, I couldn’t be evil but I’d find the Jedi code too restrictive. and besides who doesn’t want to be able to shoot lightning out of their fingertips every now and then.

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I’d buff Vader’s helmet, a personal masseuse if you like…I know he would.

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I’m not sure if it’s in the movies, but in the books they made the foundation of “good” force use divorcing one’s self from your emotions. I think that’s both dumb and incredibly unhealthy. A few of us will have to start a renegade Jedi group, defending the galaxy in our own sassy way.

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Not a fair question, because I’ve seen the entire series, and I know who wins. So if we come upon a convenient time machine and I can go back a Long, long time ago in a Galaxy far way, I’d stay out and place side bets on what was going to happen at each stage along the way.

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Darth Vader would take his side by me.

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I’d stay out of either side. Both of them are far too dangerous for my taste. I’d stay on some backwater planet, herding Bantha or something, and use my powers to do party tricks and help my friends & family.

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