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You follow me I will follow you!

Asked by Linda1987 (22points) February 19th, 2013

Follow me than I will follow you babe!


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I’ll follow you anywhere babes.

Stumble-upon you, you tweeted my heart and I Tumble for you.

I am Pming my email and real address. Also my home phone number and cell. Call me, maybe?

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I only follow Nigerian princesses and heiresses. Which are you?

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You gonna be posting lots of scandily clad/half naked pictures?

If not I’m not interested lol.


seriously though, this is considered spam. It will be deleted soon.

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@Linda1987 Sorry – we always thin Spam when this happens. Obviously, you are an intelligent AI. Welcome to Fluther. Resistance is futile.

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The school system has failed another.

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I second @zensky‘s advice about resistance.

Joining isn’t much more productive, but you will get more lurve.

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Oh. What is Lurve?

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Sweet, can I find a sugar daddy on your website?

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darn, guess noody pics aren’t coming.


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I am so not clicking on anything with that name/photo.

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I followed your question. I expect to see you in my rearview mirror tomorrow morning.

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this is a question, how? in the general section no less?

But I get an editor flag for not capitalizing the P in iphone on my questions.

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