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Ok, how can I put multiple copies of myself in one video like in this video?

Asked by Mr_Grimm (367points) February 19th, 2013

I want to make a Harlem Shake. If you are wondering what a Harlem shake is, watch this video click me I want to know how to do what he did, if you look you can see he has about 5 of him. I did a thing on Facebook where I said if I get 20 likes I will do a Harlem shake video. Well I got 20 likes and I don’t want to let anyone down in embarrassing myself. So please help me out!

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But really harlem shake is already dead, you’re too late.

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he didn’t have a green screen… and Harlem Shake isn’t dead yet, its still pretty popular, notice how many videos keep going up?

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@Mr_Grimm well then basic video editing, cropping one section out and pasting it somewhere else.

Also it might be alive for a bit longer but generally these things die off pretty soon.

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could you tell me where I could find tutorials on how to do this?

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I’d recommend Adore Premiere.

Basically just make sure a) the tripod doesn’t move a micron and b) you never overlap yourself and this won’t be too hard.

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Oh it is dead. The fact that it is all over means it is dead.

It’s time to get back to the original in Harlem. It is so derivative now, it is a self-parody. Not that it wasn’t always a parody.

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