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Help on a cosplay?

Asked by Shuichi (316points) February 19th, 2013

So, I am doing a cosplay. I usually want to look real accurate and so far I’ve looked best in the Elena Street Fighter Cosplay.. or so i’m told. But! The only problem I have is that Elena’s necklace.. I don’t know where to go with it.. I looked up rubber necklaces but they’re far to thin.. also she has 4 different colors for necklace and bracelets.. I’ve tried air clay.. it can work for the bracelets but not the necklace, the necklace is like a neck brace.. it’s odd. I really need help so if anyone can look up this character and help me it’d be really appreciated.. thankyou!

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You really should provide us with links so we know what you’re talking about.

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@FutureMemory She appears to be talking about the character in the top right on this page. Here’s what a Google image search for Elena Street Fighter Cosplay turns up. Now, as to how to do those necklaces and bracelets, @Shuichi, check these. or make some by getting plastic tubing and painting it. You could make fasteners out of a small piece of dowel rod glued into one end of the tube, and just pushed into the other end to join it. That’s probably more fun than just buying them, and lets you select the diameter rings you want. Post pictures of the result.

Oh, clicked another of the search images and found this. Too easy. Make them from tubing.

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@ETpro‘s tubing idea is a good one. Alternatively, you could use fabric to give the idea of the neck thingy, which would probably be more comfortable, but not as authentic looking.

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I do love her outfit. How couldn’t I, it’s basically a white bathing suit, heh.

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@augustlan Yeah, well if it’s comfort you’re into, I’d avoid being a street fighter to begin with. Even the street fights I’ve won left me feeling far from comfortable. :-)

The neck thingy made of plastic tubing might actually provide some rudimentary body armor protecting a very vulnerable part of the body.

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The basic foundation of the collar, which is the hardest part of the costume to make, is important. You can make tubes and stack them up, but if the basic form of the collar isn’t right it will be uncomfortable and won’t contour to the body. The collar is a combination of Thai neck rings and Masaii collars. I found a pattern that is free that should help you construct the bottom layer, that is, the layer that supports the multi-colored rings. Here is the free pattern. I recommend making a collar out of a stretchy, preferably lycra/spandex fabric and layering rings over it. You could use tubing as @ETpro suggests or you could use lycra/spandex and stuff it and layer it.

It depends how much work you want to put into it and how comfortable you want it to be and also how much sewing skill you have.

In the center back you need to make it open and for that I highly recommend velcro. Something as form fitting as this collar cannot pull over the head. Sorry if I state the obvious. :)

Lycra/spandex comes in many colors and is readily available anywhere.

The air clay as you say will work for the bracelets and anklets and could even be applied to the base collar that I am suggesting. But the lycra/spandex will work better in my opinion because it is more flexible and comfortable. Feel free to PM (private message) me if you need more help! This is my field and I can help you solve the technical problems you may encounter. Good luck!!! You must be pretty buff (if that term applies to women,lol) to consider such a skimpy costume!

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The one on the site I linked to had a magnetic clasp in the back. I can see that working for a photo shoot. But video with any real karate moves and you need Velcro.

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