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Just recommend to you a good dating site www.agerelationship.com?

Asked by Linda1987 (22points) February 19th, 2013

Nice to meet you. How do you think about age gap relationship .If you not mind, I want to recommend to you a good dating site (http://www.agerelationship.com). They verify all members,Verify Photos,Verify Education,Verify Occupation . It is a serious& safe dating site, the best site for older men and younger women dating . If you have free time, check it out.

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Moar Spaaaam.

Love the link, @SavoirFaire

nice knowing u linda bye now!

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Cor blimey, I haven’t seen Michael Palin’s face in anything on the TV for aaaaaages

And now for something completely different…

I think of this song every time I see spam (Lyrically NSFW – especially if you work in a school!)

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I think you should be destroyed, as well.

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