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I caught a customer service rep pulling a devious trick, what should I do?

Asked by gambitking (4194points) February 19th, 2013

I have been using an online service on a free trial, and the service was ended early due to an error on the service provider’s side.

I’ve been trying to get it resolved, but my wife contacted them via web chat to see if she could help, maybe ‘sweet talk’ em or whatever. They didn’t help her, BUT something worse happened.

This chat person basically said “if you log into your husband’s account and click the subscription link, the service will be restored”. Bear in mind this was a free trial we were trying to get restored. THEN the guy says “just use the card info that’s stored in there”.

My wife’s a smart cookie and saw through the ruse, and said “So basically you are telling me to authorize a paid subscription on my husband’s card?” Answer from chat guy: “Yes”.

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Find out the supervisors name, then put in writing via email or letter you wish to have this trial ended. I personally wouldn’t mention the telesales person. But I would make sure it was cancelled as it sounds like a never ending loop you will be locked into.

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You tell us the name of the company and write a review of it someplace so others do not make the same mistake.

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I’ll assume from what you wrote your wife did not click on anything she shouldn’t and you are not subscribed or paying this service.

We don’t know for sure he is trying to be deceptive. These people usually just read instructions to take you through the steps to do what you want. He answered your wife’s question honestly in the end. He might be stupid more than anything. If you live in North America and there is a possibility English was a second langauge for the person, I would make sure I speak to a supervisor in North America, see what their reaction is. If you are motivated write a letter explaining why you are inclined to not sign up for their services, because now you do not trust the level of service they will provide ongoing.

Also, what @LuckyGuy said.

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Let it go.

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