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What starch dish can i serve with rattatouille?

Asked by renaissance (1points) February 20th, 2013

is pasta a good idea, rice ,mashed potatoes?

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First thing I thought of is pasta. But rice or potatoes sound good.

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I usually make a rattatouille tart. Make it in a baking dish and at the end put a piece of frozen pie crust or filo pastry or something like that on top. Then it is a complete meal!

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Boiled small Yukon Gold potatoes

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I would do pasta most likely. I love rice, but would not think to put it with ratatouille. If potatoes I would do little red potatoes whole. I don’t like mashed potatoes served with other mushy food. Another idea is some very delicious French bread served with it. Is the ratatouille the main dish? Or, a side dish?

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