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Do you see any old "Romney" bumperstickers around?

Asked by rojo (22315points) February 20th, 2013

Monday, I noticed a car with an “Obama 2012” bumper sticker and in front of it was another car with both an “Obama 2012” sticker and an older “Change” sticker. This is highly unusual in my town, a bastion of conservativism, and it got me to looking around.
For the last three days I have looked for bumper stickers from the Presidential Election and I have yet to see a Romney sticker anywhere. I have seen several Obama ones but on the conservative side all I have seen is an old McCain/Palin one and a Ron Paul one. I have seen two others that I assume are conservative one which reads ‘Nobama” and the other that said “There is a village in Kenya that is missing its’ idiot”. But no Romney.
Seems like I remember in the past that there were always stickers for the losing side left on cars for years after but it appears that there is a concerted effort to remove Romney from the history books.

What is it like in your town?

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Yes, I have seen them. Few, but they’re out there.

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No, I see no Romney stickers here in uber-liberal northern Virginia, but that’s to be expected. I didn’t see any Romney signs or stickers before the election. And, somehow a Romney sticker would just be wrong, wrong, wrong on a Prius.

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I haven’t seen any Romney but there are still a few Bush 04 around.

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I saw one yesterday. I also saw a Gore bumper sticker not too long ago.

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Yep, I’ve seen a few.

It cracks me up to see the Kerry ones. Bumper stickers are so stupid, especially political ones.

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I saw a Romney sign on a car in a junk yard that looked like it had crashed and burned.

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Around here people still have Romney signs in their yards. It’s about pathetic.

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I can’t say I’ve noticed, but I haven’t been looking. But I would be willing to believe that Romney supporters, like McCain before him, are not really that excited by the guy. There’s a reason why he lost to an incumbent who couldn’t make the economy do well. I don’t think he ever made people feel passionate about him, and they are just as happy he didn’t win, in many cases.

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Yeah. On my car.

It’s ironic.

You’d have to know me.

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I haven’t noticed any Romney bumper stickers around where I live. I ripped my Romney stickers off the day after the election.

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The glue on them fail when it covers “Santorem”, “Bachman”, “Cain”, and “Gingrich” stickers.

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There are four types of cars here in MN: No stickers whatsoever, Uber-liberal with the entire back end plastered with every Democrat candidate from the last 15 years, every liberal cause, and every “Coexist”-type sticker ever thought of, Uber-conservative with every Republican candidate from the last 15 years and every conservative cause, and then there’s the minivan with a mild-mannered family who have their set of beliefs but only display one or two causes/candidates, which get taken of the day after election day. But of course, they have the stick figure family.

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