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I usually make a list of possible solutions in my moleskin. Then I wait for a few hours and add more. That helps to add logical solutions instead of emotional ones. Then I pick the one that will hurt the least.

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I’ve found I use the rubber ducking approach.

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Find the source of the problem and see what I can do about it :)

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Tequila. Rum helps, too.

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i ask my mom or dad for advice. they are smart and have lived longer so they sometimes have helpful insights.

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Maths problems I solve with a pencil and some paper. I find it much easier to go through if I draw and/or write. For other problems I get frustrated. I’ve yet to find a proper way to solve them. Must try rubber ducking!

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Be optimistic and stay calmed

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Avoid them for as long as possible. Eventually the solution comes on its own

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I usually just sit and think of all the solutions and their possible outcomes, then decide what to do. I ask friends if i am having trouble deciding what to do, but i ususally try to work things out on my own as much as I can.

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I like to sweep problems under the rug. This way they can procreate and become monsters. The world needs more monsters and anything I can do to make more of them is a service I am happy to provide.

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I am like playthebanjo. I am all about denial. I am SO good at it, I seriously fool myself into believing that there is no problem. When it becomes too big to be denied, I discuss it with friends and family. Eventually though, I come up with my own decision, sometimes I get it right and the other times I don’t. But that’s life :)

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Despite many years of effort not to, my first response to problems that have emotional impact for me is to stress out.

Work problems or less sensitive issues, I just try to tackle logically.

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Tell everybody under the sun and then take the sum of all parts to figure out how to deal with it.

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Hey Rubber ducking technique seems to be the way to go, just look at this:
Advantages of consulting a rubber duck:
• Rubber ducks never interrupt your flow of thinking.
• You don’t need to be worried if you are bothering the rubber duck with your problems.
• Rubber ducks don’t gossip about your private problems with other rubber ducks.
• Your trusted rubber duck is never busy and is always waiting for your inquiries.
I don’t work for Amazon but here are some good deals
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Rubber ducks on sale
What a way to make some money selling rubber ducks, huh!! Is this what is called guerrilla marketing?

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Sometimes i talk about it with family or someone close other times i dont i just keep it to myself. It depends on the problem situation.

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I consult my devil troll and large stuffed Tweety bird.
In the end I go with the option I can make the most convincing argument for.

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Unfortunately I do not feel like I should tell anyone else, because I do not think that anyone else should be burdened with my problems when everyone has their own to worry about. This means I bottle everything up and eventually it gets too much. Unluckily for me my physical health is closely related to my mental health so when I’m down I get sick. At least then those who know me know that something is up and try to help me, and eventually things work out.

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@shrubbery Hey I think you should try the rubber ducking approach. there are some clear advantages and you don’t have to bother anyone. You don’t have to buy one, just draw a nice one on a piece of paper, color it, put a smile on it and ready to listen to your problems

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edmartin is right. It does help to formulate your problem and options for resolution – even if you don’t share it with anyone.
I often find I build up almost a presentation around the problem – I may or may not give this presentation to a real person, but the problem becomes less overwhelming when you have it defined and outlined.

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Hey you know what? I got given a little multi-coloured rubber duckie for my birthday which I forgot about as we don’t actually have a bath tub in our house. Oh and I’ve also got a little baby pirate rubber duckie that came in a tin of pirate bandaids… teehee, I’ll never get sick again! :P

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The pirate duckie is Perfect!!

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@shrubbery you are one lucky dude!! you got all the tools you need to talk out your shortcomings, way to go!!

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Haha thanks guys, I’ll make sure I give it a go :)

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@shrubbery… I want that! Pick it up at Walgreens or someplace?

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Umm no well they were birthday presents, but ahh bought from a shop called Thumbprint in Hobart. I’m pretty sure there are no Walgreens in Australia.

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