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Neighbor Cut my Burning Bushes?

Asked by sweetprincess_0 (36points) February 20th, 2013

Is there anything I can do about a neighbor that whacked down half of my burning bushes. 30 of them! They run down the lane to our propriety. They were right on our line. We didn’t see them do it, but they asked use several times to cut them back. I called the cops, he talked to them and they said that they did not do it. I believe they hired someone to cut them down and clean up the mess. These bushes were 15 ft. high. I don’t know if they will grow back. What can I do about this? The cop said that it looks like it might be a civil suit case. I don’t understand how, since we didn’t see them do it. I’m upset these bushes have been there for years. Thank you

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Cut them back to what height? If the part cut was < 50% they have a good chance to survive I think. So, if they are still 8+ feet high you have a good shot at them doing ok.

Are they a solid mass of bush to the ground? Not a tree right? How big are your properties? One acre? Ten? Are there covenants or any deed restrictions in your neighborhood that dictate anything about plants and lawns? If they are actually bushes, full to the ground, lined close together, I would be pretty upset if my neighbor had theirs 15 feet high, especially if our properties are small or if it is close to my house. However, cutting them behind your back seems pretty awful to me. You say on the line, meaning your side of the line?

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All they did was rejuvenate the bushes. They’ll grow back in all their glory and more now that they’ve been pruned properly.

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Right, a bush to the ground, not a tree. Properties are ¾ acres, with no restrictions. They live back down the lane. Our homes are not close together. When I say on the line I mean on our side of the line.

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Yeah, a wall of bushes 14 feet high on that small of a lot, I wouldn’t be happy about it if I lived near you. You probably don’t want to hear that. Sorry.

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You don’t prune bushes in the winter. Its the principal of it. The bushes are beautiful not unsightly.

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Burning bushes are essentially unkillable. I have been trying to rid my property of mine for years. If I prune off a twig and throw it into the woods, it roots quickly and turns into a hedge row within two years.

I have them growing around the compost heap also.

This does not address the vandalism issue, of course, but your bushes wiill be happy for the pruning and flourish. Just wait a bit.

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They should come back, but…I agree, these people overstepped their boundaries.
I would confront them directly, diplomatically of course, but in no nonsense terms and say ” I am sorry if you do not like these plants but I do, please refrain from cutting them back in the future without my consent. Perhaps we can compromise on the height and width so they remain attractive to me but not out of control to you.”

They sound extremely anal…jeez….I happen to be one that likes wild, giant plants and bushes, but some people are obsessed with trying to control nature.
I have a friend that bitches about the neighbors leaves blowing into her yard, I humor her,but secretly I think “OMG! You are such a freaking control freak!” lol

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Tell them you will putting up a nanny cam on your property to freak them out so they never do it again.

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I live in Florida, @sweetprincess_0, where it is past time to prune most things for spring. Sorry, I forgot for a minute that others are still experiencing winter. They are very hearty plants and should come back just fine. I understand that it is the principle and I like @Coloma‘s suggestion. I like having perimeters and boundaries and it sounds like they certainly overstepped their boundaries in cutting the bushes.

I think you did what I would do in the situation by calling the police. If they denied cutting them, there isn’t much you can do though. It wouldn’t be something I would want to prosecute someone for. But that is just me.

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Give them a warning. Those bushes are in your ‘area’ or garden. Part of your property, not theirs.

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