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What kind of car did Steve Urkle drive on Family Matters?

Asked by buster (10244points) June 11th, 2008

Do you remember it. The door opened on the front and it was real little.

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BMW Isetta
Here’s a pic.

Damn! Alex beat me to it.

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Now that we have the answer. What situation led to needing to know this information? I hope it was a bet and you won a rack of PBR.

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A couple of interesting facts related to this topic: The Peel P50 is the smallest of the microcars. Although slightly larger than the P50, the Peel Trident is the coolest IMHO.

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@powel: someone brought up Urkle around some drunks and i had too know because noone else knew. and didn’t win any PBR. that don’t happen enough.

those links are awesome guys

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it looks like the Isletta may be coming back in electric form

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