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What are some of the creepiest product spokesmen?

Asked by filmfann (45414points) February 21st, 2013

I am looking for very strange commercials, featuring creepy, odd, and potentially horrifying characters. I have a few ideas, but I will wait for others to suggest some.

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I can think of 2 right off the bat. That guy who plays the Mayhem Man from the Allstate Insurance ads and the dude from the Macaroni Grill commercial. The first guy, although creepy, is kind of funny, but the second guy just seems so pervy.

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Aww, @Kardamom, I love Mayhem! He’s pretty hot, and funny. “I’m all ‘OMG, Becky’s not even hot!’” Yeah, I’d tap that. :)

I must agree with @jordym84. That’s super creepy…and annoying.

I can’t really think if any others right off the bat.

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Some of the Burger King commercials are pretty odd.

Peoples Exhibit #2
Peoples Exhibit #3

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@jordym84 OMFG. That was awesome lol.

Dammit though, I can’t find a link for my stupid commercial, but it was over ten years ago…some guy talking about mattresses and beds. But he had NO expression in his voice, it sounded so uninspired and dreary. He just kind of stood there, talking about mattresses, in a dimly lit room, and you could barely see the beds in the back because it was so dark. And the guy was dressed all in black. He seemed like an undertaker inviting you to die. When I saw that I was like, seriously?

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The woman in the Progressive commercials. Not so much creepy as just annoying. I know a bit about advertising and the difficulty of breaking through media clutter, but rather than attract me to the Progressive brand, theis never-ending campaign repels me from it.

Okay… climbing down from my soapbox.

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I should mention my admiration for the advertising team at Geico. They didn’t stick with one successful advertising spokesman; they continued creating new and amusing commercial types.
They brought us the Cave man, the Gecko, the interpreters, the guitar players, and others.

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Not a product spokesman, but the host of Food Network’s “Sweet Genius” is pedophile-creepy.

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^^ Yes, shuddering at the thought of him. This is what he says, “I am a swit gin-yis, Are yeh?”

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Not a commercial, but there was a Canadian kid’s game show back in the day. This guy was the host. Pedo-creepy.

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^^ That guy’s approach would be creepy even if it was directed toward a woman 21 or older.

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@cookieman Hahaha my sister and I always love watching that show, we love that guy! He’s our favorite part of the show. He’s so weird, but in a super hilarious kind of way!

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