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Is there an accurate percentage chart that displays which political affiliation professors in the U.S.A. tend to vote for?

Asked by pleiades (6581points) February 21st, 2013

My wording is pretty bad, but yes is there an accurate chart?

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There is a belief that college campuses tend to be liberal. That would make one think that college professors are likely to be liberal. So one would expect that if that is true, college professors would vote for liberal candidates.

This study says that professors are getting more liberal. THe study is conducted every three years, or so, and finds that professors are more liberal than before. Only 12% of professors are conservative or far right. 63% are liberal or far left. 25% consider themselves middle of the road.

You can draw your own conclusions about how they might vote.

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I don’t have accurate figures. But in the USA, the Republican smear machine has been in high gear since the Reagan years and the days of Lee Atwater demonizing the “Liberal Elites” who are smart enough to teach in our nation’s institutions of higher learning. The right funds a 50 state network of think tanks full of PhD’s whose task in life is to crank out easy-to-digest bumper-sticker slogans to make you hate PhD’s. So it’s clear the GOP has numbers, and for them, the picture isn’t good.

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@cheebdragon Yeah! The outrage, and after Fox News hired Dennis Kucinich and all those other libruals… Oh wait…

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It does not shock me that well educated and well informed academics tend to be more liberal. There are so many important issues from which the GOP has chosen to isolated itself.

Denying the fruits of science is not consistant with well educated and socially aware people.

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@ETpro because if fox thinks its okay….? I don’t give a fuck about Fox News, dont waste my time, pick a new straw-man.

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