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Does anyone know any Christians who keep kosher?

Asked by freelancer79 (12points) June 11th, 2008

I just found out that an evangelical friend of mine follows the jewish laws of kashrut, or, “keeping kosher” from the bible. She doesn’t eat pork or shellfish. Her whole family follows these guidelines, since my friend’s mom decided to take on these dietary restrictions when the kids were really young. She hasn’t met anyone else in the evangelical community who does this. And I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t Jewish who kept kosher. Are there any other christians out there who try to follow these guidelines?

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Christians believe that Christ fulfilled the law of Moses. So, while Christ himself never ate ham people celebrating Christmas and Easter often do… I’m sure there are still non-Jewish people who follow the guideline, hell when I eat hot dogs I do too, but it isn’t for religious reasons.

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I believe the members of the organization “Jews for Jesus” maintain a kosher diet.

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There is a big difference between not eating pork or shellfish and keeping kosher. At least that is what my late Bubbe (grandmother) would have told you and what a number of my observant cousins would think.
Let’s see, complying and I mean fully complying with Kashrut is more than avoiding lobster and bacon.
You do not mix meat and dairy at the same meal, no cheeseburgers, no omelets with salami and cheese, no veal parmigiano, no cheese on the spaghetti bolognese.
You segregate meat and dairy in the refrigerator,
You use two separate sets of dishes, pots, pans and cutlery for meat meals and dairy meals. Should you use a milk fork when you were cooking beef tacos, you stick the fork in a plant in your kitchen for eight days to kosher it.
You ingest meat only from animals that are ruminants and have a cloven hoof. That rules out swine, horses, canines and camels. But there was a newspaper article last week that had a rabbinical ruling that a giraffe would be kosher. I don’t recall why this particular question came up but it did.

Kosher meat is ritually slaughtered, a knife must have no nicks or burrs and should not cause any pain. Most of the blood is drained at the time of slaughter and many butchers will salt the meat to leach out any remaining blood and then soak it to remove the salt.

You can not eat beef from the section that touches the sciatic nerve of the bovine (don’t ask me why I don’t know),

Sea animals must have scales which precludes eating shellfish but also shark. It keeps us from eating sea animals that are scavengers like crab and lobster.

I could go on and on but that is about 5% of the rules.

If you evangelical friends are this observant then they might consider themselves to be on the road to Kashrut.

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Ned Flanders.

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AstroChuck, I think the prefer to be called “messianic jews” but i’m not 100% about that.

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All I know is that there is an organization that calls itself “Jews for Jesus.”

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I pref the title Torah Observant Christian. I keep the Torah, but not the talmud. I beleive that the commandments still apply, that we are saved thou Christ but breaking the commands is still sin and what was a sin 2000 years ago is still a sin. If we love him we will keep his commandments. Christ said that he didn’t come to destroy the law but to fulfill it. Now we can argue over what that means, but I don’t think the law has been done away with. It is still in effect. Please keep the law.

PS. Law = commandments = statutes = ordinances
Basically it’s doing what the Father has asked us to do.

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One needs to keep in mind the Romans refered to those following Yeshua as “Christian” The New Testament (Brit Hadeshah) never negated Kashrut Dietary Laws. It is yet the best and healthiest for G-d’s people… including those grafted in. There are thousands who do so.

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Seventh-day Adventists keep kosher (don’t eat unclean foods) and also observe the sabbath.

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