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New Slang, i.e., heard a word lately? Made one up? Mistaken one for another meaning?

Asked by zensky (13357points) February 22nd, 2013

There is no right or wrong here.

Just fun with English. That lovable, bastard of a wonderful language.

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My son says ratchet and turnt.

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Time to eradicate bullshit. Replace it with BUSHIT. The way Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney bushitted everybody into invading Iraq killing thousands of Americans and two hundred thousand Iraqis.

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“Smurfing” has been recently reattributed for states with legal marijuana (CO and WA)

It refers to the act of going from one pot store to the next to accumulate a large supply of weed to resell on the black market.

(Edit: WTF is the guy above me even talking about”)

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I had only heard a very different definition of smurfing… involving hitting someone across the face with ones third leg…

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@Cupcake That’s a new meaning for ratchet. I always figured a socket wrench.

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@Adirondackwannabe I figured Nurse Ratched. Kids and their newfangled meanings. :)

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Quite the opposite of a similar sounding word: wretched.

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I think it was Nurse Rached.

Ratchet I think of ratcheting something up or down. Increasing it or decreasing it. I think technically ratcheting is a specific amount, and used for mechanics or machinery? Not sure. But, I can see people even saying it in a general way like ratchet up the volume.

As far as the new definition in the urban dictionary I guess it is a mispelling for nurse rached that they drew on.

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I created the word “KOOSH.” It can replace crap, shute,...etc..

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“I’m gonna pop some tag” = buying a lot stuff.

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It’s Nurse Ratched. Google it.

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You’re right. So, are the kids using the slang spelling it wrong? LOL.

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@annoyingbunny Actually, Koosh has been around since 1986. I’m guessing you weren’t born yet?

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Word in search of a meaning.

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Presidential Solution

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I read this book series that used a lot of slang that the author made up.

-“shank” someone’s an idiot/jerk. It could also just mean that they’re talking to a person. (i.e “You shanks better listen to me!”)
-“Slinthead” is just how it sounds…
-“Slim it,” means for you to calm down or shut up.
-“Shuck” idiot/stupid. (i.e “I hate this shuck place!”).
-“Klunk” poo/bull (i.e “That’s just a pile of klunk!” a.k.a someone’s BSing). Or it could literally mean poo.

If this counts any, I use the word “fudge” as an alternative to the F-word and say “shush it” when I’m about to tell someone to shut up…

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I hear new ones almost daily from my boyfriend. He says they aren’t new but that I’ve just lived a sheltered life. So, I don’t know but I get a kick out of some of them.

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